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words of encouragement needed - have GOT to crack ds1's early waking before ds2 arrives (3 weeks and counting)

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Tutter Wed 27-Jun-07 06:39:46

this morning it was 5:05 [desperate]

which is all very well when we go to bed at 10pm and sleep through

but when ds2 arrives and i'm up feeding in the night it'll kill me

so - for a week i'm going to try limiting daytime nap to 45 minutes

please tell me you think it'll make a difference

(ds1 is 2.1, i'm 36 weeks pg)

sarahhal Wed 27-Jun-07 06:49:10

Fingers crossed it does Tutter! DS1 is an early waker still at 4.2 and has always woken up before DS1 except in the very early night feeding days.

If he needs to keep his daytime nap, then I guess at least that will be a chance for you to try and get some sleep too (if the new baby will sleep then !!!)

Tutter Wed 27-Jun-07 11:56:22

(needy) bump

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