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Queenee Wed 20-Jun-07 14:42:03

Help! I have 22 month old screaming at bedtime and refusing to go into his cot. Been a pretty good sleeper until 2 weeks ago. Bathtime, stories all fine then when it comes to going into the cot, screaming, hysteria. Been doing comforting and leaving it longer between visits but sometimes ends up taking 1-2 hours of screaming and crying to get him to sleep. Any help and suggestions welcome, I am knackered!

cruisemum1 Wed 20-Jun-07 22:00:18

poor you- no suggestions but I'll bump this for you and hope some wise MN sage comes along to off constructive support for you soon

Queenee Thu 21-Jun-07 08:32:47

Thanks! Another night of drama last night. Sure there are others with much worse sleep situations but when you are used to a good sleeper....thank god for estee lauder is all I can say! Trowelled on this morning(wink)

cruisemum1 Thu 21-Jun-07 12:54:41

queenee - i really hope someone comes along ot help you soon! CAn't believe that you have had no takers... . maybe you should change the title of the thread -'sleep' is a bit generic possibly . It may help if you call is something dramatic like - HELP! bedtime screaming from 22 mth old - getting desperate' or similar....

spudz Thu 21-Jun-07 14:04:39

I wonder if he is ready for a bed? Its been a while since mine were tiddlers but as we had short age gaps one had to move out the cot fairly early to make room for the next! Might be worth just trying a matress/doubled up duvet on the floor to see if it makes any difference. I guess it can not get any worse (or at least I hope not!).Good luck!

Queenee Fri 29-Jun-07 14:54:58

Thanks guys! So far no joy, still screaming and wailing at bedtime. Staying with folks this weekend and got one of the those inflatable sleepingbag/bed thingies so may help.... TFI Friday

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