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Huckleberry sleep app

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Rosesared Wed 14-Nov-18 18:42:07

Never thought I'd be the kinda momma to have an app for my baby, but....
I've been using Huckleberry for about 10 days now and have to say I'm impressed.
Essentially, it's an algorythm predicting when baby's tired, but not over tired. It's a bit creepy, actually, how spot on it is. I wouldn't pay the subscription (maybe my baby's sleep isn't as bad as I thought as we already do most of what they suggest in their "plan")but it's handy when you gotta try to remember how long she's been awake, how long since she fed, when did I last change her nappy, is she crying cause she's teething, tired, hungry.........and then you get a txt saying: 15minutes until naptime. I put baby down 5 minutes later and 7 and a half minutes later she's snoring. No tears, no breakdowns, no hysterical wake ups every 10 minutes becaus3 she's overtired.

I'm impressed. If you have trouble keeping up with nap times, try it. It's free.
P.s. I wish I was getting paid by them, but I'm not. I'm just sharing my experience.

Jinglesplodge Thu 15-Nov-18 20:24:47

Yes I've been using it for a week or so and it's quite good: apart from anything else I like that it stops me second guessing myself about what to do. My ds struggles to stay awake for quite as long as the app would like him to but it gives the day a plan and that's got to be worth a go.

Rosesared Thu 15-Nov-18 21:32:23

Same with my dd, Jingles, but I paid a monthly subscription (just to see what you get, which seems sadly slightly generic) and as part of that (I think) you get a reminder txt which seems to be a bit more accurate than the generic, app related Sweet spot.

SylvesterTheCat Fri 16-Nov-18 22:15:02

Same here. I hate the idea of having an app to tell me about my baby's sleep (I told myself to follow my "instincts", which I have learnt are absolute pants). But I think it's helping us avoid many (not all!) those overtired stressful moments.

Rosesared Fri 16-Nov-18 22:30:00

Sylvester, I don't think our instincts are crap...they just need honing in a bit. We need to remember that just like baby is learning EVERYTHING new, we are also learnin and getting to know a brand new person. They might be from our bodies, but they have personality, will and choices. Instinct is about keeping baby alive...I see it as an aide, a free nanny that you can chat to at the end of the week and say: how did baby do this week, where can we improve. We're all finding a new normal.

When it's life or death, your instincts will NOT let you down. Especially when it comes to our lo's. We got great instinct...we're just too tired to follow it hahs

SylvesterTheCat Sat 17-Nov-18 14:38:16

Thank you OP.

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