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what time should i put my kids to bed if they have to get up at 6:00am for school.

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soviet Fri 26-Jul-02 12:04:43

My kids are aged (5,8 and 15)and there bedtime routine is so mudled, can you suggest suitable bedtimes for them, so it is not so much of a struggle to get then out of be in the morning

PamT Fri 26-Jul-02 13:14:28

My 6 yr old is generally in bed for 7.30 - 8.00 and 9 yr old by 8.30-9.00 and they are usually awake by 6.30am when DD (3) wakes up. Your oldest one should be able to use his/her own judgement but I would say somewhere between 9 and 10pm. I know that my children tend to be badly behaved and argumentative if they are tired so any lapses in our routine really show. However some children cope with less sleep than others so this might be a trial and error game.

threeangels Fri 26-Jul-02 13:49:13

Hi Soviet, I have a 9,12 and 21mo old. The two school kids get up everyday at 6o. The 9yr goes to sleep at 8o and the 12yr old at 9:00. Some may find these times to early but they never give me any problem and it gives them an adequate amount of sleep which they need anyway for school. I do occassionally let them stay up an extra hour if there is a special program on but that is not too often. Once you get them on a regular routine you will feel much better and so will they in the morning. Like Pam said try different times and see how they are in the morning. Everyone is different. I just feel the earlier the better (after we have some family time of course) during the weekdays. On weekends my kids get to stay up much later. Pretty much till they fall asleep. Pamt's times are perfect to me for her kids. Id do the same. As far as the teenager Id also say no later then 10:00. Good Luck.

threeangels Fri 26-Jul-02 13:50:59

Sorry didnt mean to put those faces there. Not even sure how I did it. Still havent taken the time to figure all the faces out.

soviet Sun 28-Jul-02 19:05:25

what time does your kid (over 5) and teenager go to bed anyone?

aloha Sun 28-Jul-02 19:14:00

10yr old stepdaughter goes to bed by 9pm at latest for school or 9.30 at weekends (occasionally 10pm for special occasions). She sometimes goes earlier of her own volition.

gillymac Sun 28-Jul-02 19:25:00

Hi Soviet,

my eldest dd is 15 and on school nights goes to bed about 10 (although sometimes it ends up being nearer 10:30) Younger dd is 11 and goes about 9pm. They usually get up about 7ish and they seem fine on this ammount of sleep.
Weekends and holidays they more or less go when they please unless they have an early start the next day but in general they are pretty sensible.

oxocube Sun 28-Jul-02 20:49:44

My (almost) 7 yr old and (almost!) 5 yr old go to bed at about 7 if they have school the next day, or even during weekends, if it is during term time and the baby (9 months) at about 7.30 -8ish. Until about 6 months ago, we started the bedtime routine of stories etc. even earlier, at 6.30 as the kids were so tired. They are allowed to play in their rooms, however, for an extra hour or so, as long as its quiet play such as looking at books, playing with dollies, teddies etc.

Why so early up for school BTW. My eldest son is usually up at 6, but he's always been that way, even as a baby! But such an early school start is unusual, or do you have a long drive?

mollipops Mon 29-Jul-02 03:17:45

My almost 6 yr old dd is in bed by 7.30pm...ds on the other hand is only 3 and we are happy if he is in bed by 8! They wake between 6.30 and 7am.

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