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DS 14 mo's. Starting waking at 4am/5am - any tips or hints?

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Nip Wed 06-Jun-07 09:16:50

My DS hasnt been well and the last 3 mornings has woken at 5am-5.30am, however yesterday he was significantly better and had a really good day. Today however he woke at 4am and he wasnt hungry or thirsty - he just wanted to get up.

We kept him in his room (he was lying on my lap but not asleep) for an hour, then i put him in his cot and he lay for about 10 mins before proceeding to scream the house down again. In the end my DH took him downstairs at 5am and played with him.

He goes to bed at 8 and usually wakes at 6.30-7.00. This routine has been going since he was 5months.

Does anyone have some suggestions? What would you do? He doesnt understand its not time to get up and play?
Has this happened to anyone else before?

From a VERY tired Nip

Scootergrrrl Wed 06-Jun-07 09:19:42

Is it very light in his bedroom? Sometimes a blackout blind can trick them into thinking it's still the middle of the night.
YOu have all my sympathy though. Go and have a kip!

Rubyslippers Wed 06-Jun-07 09:20:16

my DS has been doing the same for 3 weeks now <<yawn>>
I think it is the light mornings and he has just started crawling so he wants to get up and play/crawl etc.
I went to see my HV about it and she suggested not getting him out of the cot as i was getting him out for a cuddle and then putting him back down
so i now go in stroke his head but leave him in the cot - seems to work a little better

OhNo40 Wed 06-Jun-07 09:21:10

Bin liners over the windows.
Despite blackout curtains our DD woke up about 5ish every morning in her first summer until we taped black bin liners over every window. She then reverted to waking at 7am as required!
I was shattered, especially as I was doing an 11pm feed then too!

Nip Wed 06-Jun-07 09:28:50

Unfortunately we already have black out curtains and we arent able to leave him for too long. 1. because he scratches his neck till he bleeds (excema/habit). and 2. He's walking so he just stands up screaming - If we try to stroke his head or touch him he just grabs you to pull himself up.

We have no issue with leaving him to cry but he's really working himself up into a state the last few days.

Is this just a phase that will pass?

ScooterGrrl - I wish i could have a kip but i;ve been at home last few days with DS and today i'm back in the office! I know i look like shite today but i'm really past caring right now!

Nip Wed 06-Jun-07 10:14:20


Please [desperate emoticon]

Scootergrrrl Wed 06-Jun-07 10:21:45

Could you just keep laying him back down and whispering something like shush, it's still night time, go back to sleep and keep on doing it until he gets the message?
Or what about toys in his cot so he can play alone or taking him in with you (never worked for me I have to say!)
It's so hard cos DD, who's now three, went through this about the same age and I used to just have to rock her for an hour to stop her yelling the house down.
Of course, then she was tired and grumpy during the day... etc etc etc
I'm sure it will pass but I hope it's sooner rather than later.

grassymeadows Mon 17-Sep-07 06:47:33

Nip did you get this sorted? How??????? My dd is 1 next week. She always starts the day by 5.30am. So is then really tired by 8.30am, when she sleps for 40-60 mins. Then really tired again by about 12.30 and sleeps for 90 mins. Really tired by 7pm when she goes to bed. I'd love to get her to sleep until at least 6am each morning. But I can't see that I can play with the daytime sleeps at all. She really needs them. If anything I think she needs more daytime sleep. Any thoughts about how I get her to wake later? I've been resisting the idea of giving her milk as don't want to encourage her to wake - but maybe should? Any tips given that you've gone through it gratefully received.

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