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5 month old half hour naps

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Rach1311 Sat 11-Aug-18 16:04:55

Is he ever going to get over this? He’s my second but my first was a fantastic Napper and slept well at night. My second wakes for the day between 7/7.30 then is asleep again at 9.30(ish) 12(ish) both for half an hour. He yawns all day long so by 2/2.30 the only option is to lie with him on the bed and feed him to sleep (I breastfeed),..he will go up to an hour and a half if the boob is kept in his mouth!
The problems with this are.....
This is his last nap before bed at 7. Therefore he tends to go from around 3.30 until then. He’s definitely overtired by the time he goes to bed. Without fail when I first put him down he will be awake again 45 minutes later and want another feed. By the time I go to bed around 10.30 he will have stirred at least 6 or 7 times. He can usually be soothed with the dummy and a headrub. He’ll then stir again once maybe twice more in the night and dummy will settle him again. He wakes for a feed at 5am then goes off again for another couple of hours.
I am slowly beginning to drop breastfeeding (very slowly) a feed at a time every 2 weeks (I hope to be stopped completely by the time he reaches 7 months) and I’m worried he won’t sleep at all!!
My eldest starts school in September so his routine will have to fit in with that. Ideally I’d want him to have a nap in the morning, a big lunchtime nap and then maybe a catnap at 4pm ish after the school run. Is this achievable? I’ve tried shortening his wake time (he just will NOT go off before the 2 hours) extending it to 3 hours by which point he’s a grumpy mess.
Sorry for the long post but any tips as I definitely need help?!

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