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Periodic breathing?

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Lookitsdivadan Tue 24-Jul-18 02:21:13

Hi, new to the forums.. (male, hope you don't mind!)

So our beloved daughter was born on 12/07/18
Few health scares in the first week but here we are, and we couldn't be happier. She is perfection in every way.

However, we noticed her breathing was becoming irregular, and since the weekend have monitored it after a spell in A&E, and a fright from a pediatrician who chalked it up to a bit of reflux and 'periodic breathing'

Her breathing, whilst asleep, goes like this.
5 seconds of heavy panting
5-7 seconds of no breathing
And repeat. Literally just that, over and over.

Now, me being of an anxious disposition, coupled with the genuine fear, more like a phobia of SIDS means I haven't slept a great deal, and I'm constantly watching my DD. I think there's an element of paternal PND there, which I hope to get sorted soon (docs tomorrow)

So, my question.. is this normal periodic breathing, and am I being a bit mad, or do I have genuine cause for concern? Everywhere I've seen seems to suggest periodic breathing returns to normal breathing after a few mins.. this just won't let up.

Any advice would be fantastic, as I'm honestly feeling like a broken man at the moment. The pure panic of something being wrong with her is tearing my heart in two, coupled with the health scares we endured last week, I'm struggling. So please someone tell me this is normal!

Thanks everyone,


ClareB83 Tue 24-Jul-18 07:43:42

No idea if it's normal or not but I understand your fear, my little twin had breathing problems in his first few days and it made it very hard to sleep when we brought him home.

We do have an angelcare movement monitor that makes me feel a little better.

SusannaS82 Wed 08-Apr-20 21:10:28

Hi Dan, I know this is now quite an old post but was wondering what happened in the end? Was this just normal period breathing? Our son is 5 weeks old and has been doing this type of breathing from 1 week of age. Susanna

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