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Heavy Breathing/Snoring

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w21172595g Wed 13-Jun-18 23:03:33


My partner of 3 years is such a hard worker and an amazing Dad!... When hes not at work, hes helping with house work or jobs around the home... OR wherever else he is needed for that matter! He literally never stops!...

His sleeping pattern was bad enough to start off with as he used to only work night shifts, so he would normally try to sleep through the day while I wasn't there, and come alive on the night time/late afternoon. Since then, he has changed jobs and now works a more regular shift pattern and he is able to come to bed at a 'normal' time - which I Love! Our love life has always been excellent! And he would always cuddle into me every-night afterwards until atleast I had fallen asleep... Whereas now, he had been staying with me in bed and I Just love having him there!

Here comes the issue;

I regularly snore and I am quite bad for heavy breathing while I'm sleeping, which results in him having sleepless nights. He struggles to fall asleep, but I don't... So he nudges me and asks me to stop... But that only lasts a while and I'm off again! Which just leaves him lying there wide awake waiting to nudge me, So I can just feel him hating me for it because it leaves him SOO tired for the next day!

We have spare rooms but I won't let him sleep in a different room because I like him there with me. I have put the problem down to a cold that I've been carrying for the 3 years I've been with him, and I have a nasal spray that I use every night; that doesn't work. However I am a little bit over-weight and I suspect that may be the root of the problem. Every time he suggests it I just get mad at him and bring up my cold...

He keeps threatening to move out until I sort my problem out because he keeps saying that he is really exhausted, but I don't want him to go anywhere and I'm too lazy to do anything about my weight...

What can I do??

Thanks xx

PinkSquidgyPig Wed 13-Jun-18 23:25:38

So, with a previous partner (20 years ago) I popped earplugs in and turned over. Sleep came. I tried to nod off before he did.
Now married to my lovely, but very snorey, husband and we sleep in separate rooms because he is kept awake by my snoring and he is the delicate flower.
More couples sleep separately than you might imagine!
I think you need to let him have his own room, or try to prevent your snoring (but you seem to be saying that you are not likely to lose weight, so ...) It only needs to be for the sleeping part of the night!

eniledam Thu 14-Jun-18 09:22:37

My DH used to snore. What I didn't realize at the time though is that there are different types of snoring, and different products that treat different kinds of snoring!

If you're breathing through your mouth then nasal strips should probably work for you, but if you're making a lot of noise snoring then it could be down to your airway and the airflow being restricted. (Our GP told us this is far more common in overweight people.)

My DH uses an oral device that I picked up in Boots, as our GP told us to try it. It looks like a mouthguard and it pushes your jaw forward slightly so your airway stays open and you don't snore. It honestly saved our marriage!! The one we have is a Snoreeze one - I think you can buy them online off their website too? Give it a go, it's probably worth it if it means you can carry on sleeping in the same bed together.

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