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What is your 8 (ish) week olds routine?

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WhyTheHeckMe Tue 12-Jun-18 21:38:03

I'm just curious really. This is my 2nd but he's very different to my first and I have no idea how he compares. I worry he's asleep too much (famous last words). Formula fed (only 4oz per feed but feeds 2 hourly)

Approx 8am - wakes and has bottle
10am - bottle and sleep
This then continues till 6pm (asleep all day having feeds every 2 hours and falling asleep during his bottle)
6pm - bottle and awake for 2 hours
8pm - bottle and sleep
10.30pm - dream feed
3am - bottle
7.30am - wakes and start again

How does this compare? I'm not sure if he's asleep too much. It's a standing joke with friends and family that he doesn't have eyes as he's 2 months old and a lot of people have still never seen him awake!

ClareB83 Wed 13-Jun-18 11:59:38

My twins are 7 weeks today and this is their schedule, based on the blissful baby experts schedule.

6am feed and back to sleep, can stay up for 45 minutes if they want to but they rarely do.

9:30am feed and stay up for 30 minutes, enforced with a post feed nappy change.

1:30pm feed and stay up for 45 minutes. Again encouraged by a post feed nappy change and putting on playmat. Often only one twin manages this.

5:45 bath

6:15 feed, story and in theory put to bed. In reality at least one of my twins will try and stay up all evening.

9:15 feed and back to bed

Somewhere between 2am and 3:30am feed when babies ask.

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