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Sleep is for the Weak! we got too big?!!??!?!!??

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cruisemum1 Sat 19-May-07 21:01:52

can you believe that?! we got too big?
we should surely get an award from Mumsnet?

cruisemum1 Sat 19-May-07 21:14:50


lilysma Sat 19-May-07 21:16:43

Blimey! Aren't we sad ?! Aah for Dominic . Have just spent 1 and a half hours getting dd to sleep, at least half of it was full on screaming . Was trying the sitting by the cot holding her hand approach - have got as far as not holding the hand most of the time the last two nights but tonight she wasn't having any of it. Picked up and put down a few times too as she was really screaming . F**kinell, I may just as well be doing cc . Part of me says at least she knows I'm there and part of me says maybe I'm just prolonging the agony. We'll see what happens for the rest of the night...

cruisemum1 Sun 20-May-07 06:44:00

lilysma - i do think that when i tried staying with ds he seemed to be pleading with me to pick him up and , imo, i made ,atters worse by denying him. better for me to do cc revisiting at short intervals 2,2,4,4,6. tbh i never got beyond 6 mins as by then he ws peaking and troughing crying wise.

Amberjee Sun 20-May-07 08:23:51

cruise, thanks for new thread. now, the tooth explains everything right?
My LO has just been bloody awful at night for no reason , though i'm sure he has his reasons.

cruisemum1 Sun 20-May-07 08:42:03

amber - of course! he has been teething for 4.5months . actually he generally sleeps for 10 hours straight now so things much, much better . just hating these pre 6am wakes up . still, i can't have it all i guess!

Swizzler Sun 20-May-07 09:03:05

Ooh, a whole new thread . Am cheating and not readsing all of the old one...

Well done on the tooth Cruise, hope the morning wakings settle own. I'm getting some blackout blinds for our room to see if that helps.

Better night for us: down before 7, not a peep till 10 when we went to bed, then awake at 1:45 and 5:15.

Amberjee Sun 20-May-07 09:03:50

pre 6am is a killer isn't it. 5.20am for us this morning. and thats WITH a blackout blind. goodness.

Amberjee Sun 20-May-07 09:06:26

Lo is having a nap now. my uncle brought some awesome dried herbs for bruschetta over from italy. so this morning i am indulging in toasted brown sourdough bread with olive oil, tomato and yummy herbs. ah bliss. both of my boys are asleep (DS and DH!)

Tamdin Sun 20-May-07 09:11:44

morning all. I'm hung over was at a girly night ball last night. got to bed at 1.30am but ds didn't wake until 7.30 so got 5 1/2 hours straight which i can cope with. Dh has gone into work this morning for a few hours though so am trying to entertain ds (unsuccesfully) with a sore head and the spins. never again......... yeah right!

VeronicaMars Sun 20-May-07 09:17:40

Hi girls, hi Tamdin. Well dd went to bed at 8 and woke for soother twice but otherwise she slep until 5.45 and that's with black out curtains as well! She couldn't even be coaxed back to sleep with a botle. Tamdin I tried to get that Medised yesterday but couldn't, would I get it in Boots? I don't think I could cope with a hangover and only 5 1/2 hours sleep I'd be a mess. I am a mess, what am I talking about?!

Swizzler Sun 20-May-07 09:24:32

Tamdin: well done for getting out anyway, despite the hangover! Did you wear something nice? I remmeber the excitement at going out for the evening for the first time and wearing a dress

Amberjee Sun 20-May-07 09:25:17

i can't wait to go out at night ... maybe 2008?

Tamdin Sun 20-May-07 09:57:14

veronica you should be able to get it in boots. dh got ours so when he gets back i'll check where he bought it.
swizzler i wore a black 'maxi' dress from miss selfridge (only £15 but it was so nice) with metallic wedges. felt like a proper 'girl' for the first time in nearly 2 years.
the living room this morning looked hilarious. i obviously stripped off in there when i got home so as not to wake ds and dh. came in this morning to find my dress on the floor like i'd literally stepped out of it. Knickers and all!

Swizzler Sun 20-May-07 10:23:54

Sounds lovely Tamdin (the dress not the drunken shedding of clothes )

Tamdin Sun 20-May-07 12:36:47

VM have asked dh and he did get it in boots so hopefully you'll be able to get your hands on some.

off out to collect car from wherever i abandoned it last night when it became evident there was no way i was going to drive and not drink! x

redbeki Sun 20-May-07 20:42:54

Evening ladies,hope you and babes are well.
I've made a new discovery which you all probably know about,but it's worked wonders,and I must share it with whoever is listening.
After weeks of nightmarishly awful sleeps,I got to the end of my coping mechanisms.I bought a bottle of lavender essential oil.I put two drops on her cot mattress every night,and she has now slept like like never before,5 days in a row,all night!
It's totally amazing stuff,and i don't know why I never thought of it before,as I've used it on and off for years with my other two.Lack of sleep has obviously fried my thought waves
Please go out and get some ,and we'll try a mass experiment and see if it works for you.Fingers crossed it will.

cruisemum1 Sun 20-May-07 20:46:26

tam - a night out?! . My goodness?!! you mean you actually have a life?! I must go and get one for myself . ;have a nice early ngiht and sleep off your hangover
redbeki - top tip - thansk!

redbeki Sun 20-May-07 20:52:50

cruisemum-sounds like your lo doesn't need it .10 hour sleeps-well done.

tibsy Sun 20-May-07 21:31:38

just tried to add a message and the thingy popped up saying i couldnt as thread too big, do you think one day, the thingy will pop up saying 'we're all getting sleep so no one can post today'!

hi all and welcome to veronicamars
ginger, hope dd on the mend now and tam for your night out. dp was looking after dd yesterday when i popped in to work. he had a massive hangover from night before, ha ha i did remind him before he went out that he was looking after her too.

we've had a few dodgy nights here, dont know what it is, have given up trying to decipher the 'i will not sleep' code
i just resort back to bringing her into bed with me in a vain attempt to grab some sleep.
hope everyones lo has the sleepy vibe thang going on tonight

gingerninja Sun 20-May-07 22:36:29

Lilysma, I just had EXACTLY the same as your Sat night experience. DD went to bed a dream. Me stood by the cot, no contact. She woke at 8.30 and obviously wanted to go to bed with me but 8.30 really is a bit early so I tried to settle her. Well, what a temper. She screamed and screamed and screamed. I held hands, stroked, patted. Nothing. unless I laid my upper body in her cot. She curls herself around my arm, sighs and goes to sleep but if I tried to pull my hand away it was meltdown. I did pick her up at one point but she fights me, she hates to be held to sleep. Anyway, I was on the verge of giving up but realised that the tears would have been for nothing so I carried on. It took one whole hour and it was agony but she did eventually go back. I was a wreck but didn't leave her and just held her hand. I feel cruel cruel cruel and I also felt like I was doing CC but its getting silly. I have no problem with co-sleeping but I can't be going to bed every night at 8.30 if she wakes. I really hope she doesn't wake in the same way again tonight as I'm not sure what to do.

Cruise, Yay for the little mans first tooth. My DD has two and they're right little nipping machines.

Redbeki, I use lavender oil on my pillow every night and DD mostly sleeps in with me. She is however powerfully resistent to any coaxing to sleep method

Tamdin Mon 21-May-07 08:20:33

morning all. mixed night here.
ds hardly ate a thing yesterday so woke at 11 for bottle and then again at 2.30 (not even 4 hours)but slept soundly between those times. brought him in with me about 5.30 and then he woke at 6.30 for the day. Not too bad and certainly not the worst we've ever had but not as good as it has been.
He's a weird little thing. it's def not that he can't settle himself because for his morning nap he goes to sleep on his own in his cot without a peep and at night, like last night for example, i lifted him up to give his bottle at 2.30 and was quite happy for him to sleep with me but he was wriggling too much so i put him back in his cot and he put his dummy in and turned over and went to sleep until 5.30. i don't think he'll ever be a 12 hours straight type of baby. then dh wasn't either and they're so alike.
will buy lavender oil anyway today as we can always hope

Amberjee Mon 21-May-07 08:26:37

will try lavender tonight too.
but guess what! we had a brilliant night. woke at 12.45 and 5.30 for feeds. woke at 6.30, then slept until 7.30 when we all got up.

Tamdin Mon 21-May-07 08:54:03

yay amber

tibsy Mon 21-May-07 08:55:17

amber for your good night, sleeptastic!!!!
hi tam
ginger, our night was like that fri. took me an hour and a half to get dd to sleep i had the same sort of thoughts re. perservering, and yes, i felt like crap too. she still woke later as well
i'm sure that some babies just arent very good sleepers. i'm not saying they wont improve, just that theyre not designed to sleep solidly for 12 hours. please god, dont let it be true

dd went to bed at 6.30 last night (on boob as had been awake since 1pm!) woke at 7, then every 2 hours til i brought her in with me at 12.30am. fed at 1am, again at 5am. up for day at 6am. i'm cream crackered

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