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14 month waking every 1-2 hours STILL

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jessm2109 Wed 23-May-18 03:26:47

Hi all.
I write this at 3.30am from desperation.
We did sleep training (CC) and it took around 3 weeks to make a difference. We got down to 8pm-5am 1 wake up. Which is manageable. This went on for about 10 nights.

He then had his 1 yr immunisations. Which made him out of sorts. Straight after, he had a throat infection, with antibiotics.. now that's almost over, he is cutting a tooth. I just feel like it's 1 thing after another. So therefore, his sleep has suffered immensely. He has never been a great eater either, so that has also played a part, with not eating much, he's less likely to sleep soundly.

He's currently screaming in his room with daddy, and has been up every 1-2 hours since we put him down to bed at 7.30. I have kept to the same pre bed routine.

Can anyone give me advice, have you been through this? He's making himself ill with all the crying and I am finding it hard to not just give in and feed him to sleep. sad

Thanks in advance.

flowerpicture Wed 23-May-18 03:36:07

What about sleep training again if all the interruptions are finished? It worked the first time.

IlikemyTeahot Wed 23-May-18 03:39:24

Hmm that's odd he's waking so often. Is it hunger/thirst, uncomfortable Nappy?
Is this regular or just since he was unwell?
If it's regular I would ring your H.V. for advice as that sounds really hard to cope with.

If it was me I would end up giving baby a bottle in his cot just for some peace, but I understand you dont want to disrupt the new routine.
Are you and dad taking turns to sleep while the other settles baby?
Maybe try some earplugs to fall asleep then ask awake parent to remove them on their way back to bed.

FindingNormal Wed 23-May-18 08:56:13

We're in a similar shitty boat Jess. Baby is 12 months and up every 90 minutes. Exhausting. Vaccinations were on Monday and she's been grumpy and clingy since then. Also think teething. Cc isn't my bag and I have a 3 yr old who it would disturb anyway. I'm so pissed off with life. Sorry, no practical advice, just solidarity.

FindingNormal Wed 23-May-18 08:57:13

And this has been going on since she had tonsillitis in January so not just down to jabs

jessm2109 Wed 23-May-18 09:20:02

Likemyteahot - yes it's been regular crying for long periods (with us with him) for about 1 week now. I saw a HV yesterday who has given me a sleep diary to fill in. I've seen various HV about sleep and it's all so generic. I know I need to pay a sleep expert to get advice and help that's tailored but we can't afford £500 plus!
We tried water, changed nappy and everything I could think. We have always thought he had a few stomach issues, since birth as his tummy makes gurgling sounds and he wriggles in uncomfortable ways.. I'm going to get him tested for some allergies/intolerances just to rule it out.

jessm2109 Wed 23-May-18 09:27:41

FindingNormal- so sorry to hear you're also going through this. It seems non stop doesn't it. Onve they get better it's straight into another illness/teething bout or developmental leap. I hope you feel rested soon. I keep getting told it will pass, but right now I'm in the middle of it and I can't see the end!!

CookPassBabtridge Wed 23-May-18 09:43:44

I thought this was normal.. my first son was an amazing sleeper (long naps and 12 hour sleeps) then I had my second and he wakes up every hour or so usually, think it's his teething or tummy ache. If we get 3 hours in row we're happy! I think some babies are just like this. We're waiting for it to get better..

shirleyschmidt1 Wed 23-May-18 12:43:23

So sorry to hear this, sounds very tough! Not sure this is a long term fix or anything but would your son/you benefit from distraction aids like a globe which projects stars etc onto the ceiling, and plays music? We have a really good one, the whole room is like being in space and my DD really likes it when she's unsettled - Maybe the distraction would keep him happy for longer? Even something like an iPad playing some nursery rhyme cartoons. Doesn't 'fix' your issues but if you get some extra zzzs who cares!

IlikemyTeahot Wed 23-May-18 18:19:21

Hmm I would ask GP about possibility of silent reflux x

IlikemyTeahot Wed 23-May-18 18:21:53

And gosh jess please don't pay that. I feel it's all a load of bull targeting stressed out desperate parents. You can be just as much of an expert with Google at hand it's all trial and error And anything alarming should be taken up with G.P x

IlikemyTeahot Wed 23-May-18 18:28:13

Oops reflux comment was meant for another post. I meant to say to jess that the allergy/intolerance tests were a good idea! it could be that hes having cramps that are disturbing him. Is he drawing his knees up at all when he has the bad nights jess?

jessm2109 Wed 23-May-18 19:41:26

Shirley thank you, hats a v good idea!! I am due to be going out with friends soon for eveningvand I'm umming and arrring whether to go, but if daddy has a few ideas backed up like this, I feel much more confident that he'll settle back off. Anything is worth sleep now! I don't really care about how, he needs it too. Otherwise he is a grumpy mess as well! If only these babies understood how wonderful a full nights sleep feels! Haha

jessm2109 Wed 23-May-18 19:44:24

Likemyteahot yes sometimes. He tends to sleep better on his front with legs pulled up, this might be helping his tummy?! I've got an appointment booked in for this weekend, to get info on any intolerances etc. Fingers crossed he's fine, just need to start ruling options out. He's always been a fidgety baby, even as newborn, and I wondered then, is it something I was eating coming through my milk. I cut dairy and we didn't have much difference. We also cut dairy for 8 weeks when he was weaning and nothing changed. Well soon see!

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