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success with bedtime trick

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buttercup Mon 15-Jul-02 13:10:19

i thought I'd share this with you - it might be useful to someone. We've been having problems getting our one year old to go to sleep. If we stay with him he thinks that's a signal to stay awake and play. If we leave him alone he bellows and gets very upset. So we've been putting a chair in his doorway and sitting in it with our back to him, not saying a word. He knows we are there but knows its not for playing. He goes to sleep within five to ten minutes, without a whimper. It works in the day-time too. FOR NOW. Sods law, writing this will probably put its success!

bloss Tue 16-Jul-02 03:42:00

Message withdrawn

PamT Tue 16-Jul-02 07:49:15

I used to sit at the top of the stairs reading a book. DD knew I was there but I completely ignored her until she went to sleep. It was much better than her screaming for an hour.

zebra Tue 16-Jul-02 10:27:28

I think that's called the "Withdrawal" Method, what you're doing, Buttercup. You stay but don't interact, and stay a little bit less over time, until you rarely have to stay at all. It's considered the "third way" between "Sleep TRaining" and co-sleeping. I'm really pleased it's worked so well for you!

buttercup Wed 17-Jul-02 20:19:51

zebra, I didnt know this was an actual method, naively thought I'd invented it!! I am wondering as the chair slowly get further and further away. Eventually it will reach the top of the stairs. What do I do then?

sobernow Wed 17-Jul-02 20:26:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sobernow Wed 17-Jul-02 20:46:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

batey Wed 17-Jul-02 20:51:40

LOL! Had visions of Buttercup flying down the stairs!

SueDonim Thu 18-Jul-02 18:44:40

Buttercup, you might need to invest in a Thora Hird type automatic-stair-chair!

buttercup Mon 22-Jul-02 10:11:14

found the answer. Get DP to do it. Found him hovering around top stair pretending to read last night while DS was laughing from somewhere inside his bedroom.

mears Mon 22-Jul-02 10:19:18

zebra - I thought that was a method of contraception - not recommended

jasper Tue 23-Jul-02 03:31:17


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