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Newborn ds will not lie down alone

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TobleroneBoo Thu 19-Apr-18 00:44:45

Have a crib right next to my side of the bed so always close by, but DS will not be left to lie down.

I have a lovely rocking chair that I feel very secure in, as it's tilted and has high arms - would it be dangerous to have him on my chest in the chair? Ive been trying to research but I'm seeing conflicting advice


AjasLipstick Thu 19-Apr-18 02:15:16

Aw these early days are so intense OP. It would be risky to sleep in a rocking chair with him. Have you tried him in bed with you?

StylishMummy Thu 19-Apr-18 03:12:25

It's a major suffocation risk to fall asleep with your baby on your chest. Their instincts are to wiggle down to your nipples to feed and this would be so gradual you wouldn't notice, they can suffocate in your clothing, at your breast or by becoming 'chin on chest'. There's also the risk of overheating & dropping them. Please don't- he'll learn to sleep on his back in the cot but maybe let him get used to it? What does he sleep in in the day?

Bananarama12 Thu 19-Apr-18 03:28:46

Better to co sleep safely.

Bananarama12 Thu 19-Apr-18 03:29:10

And it's normal!

PeachesandPie Thu 19-Apr-18 03:37:52

Please don't sleep with him on your chest. Look up guidance on safe co sleeping. This is a phase and it will pass. Do you have a sleepyhead? It was the only place my dd could be put down.

flowers congratulations, it's tough but gets easier!

Bue Thu 19-Apr-18 04:02:01

It is much safer to bring him into bed to sleep with you, if you follow the bedsharing guidelines, than it is to risk falling asleep with a baby in a chair. Look up bedsharing advice from the Infant Sleep Info Source (Isis).

Bue Thu 19-Apr-18 04:02:40

It is much safer to bring him into bed to sleep with you, if you follow the bedsharing guidelines, than it is to risk falling asleep with a baby in a chair. Look up bedsharing advice from the Infant Sleep Info Source (Isis).

RemainOptimistic Thu 19-Apr-18 04:13:00

Where is your partner? Get them involved by having baby sleep on them while you catch up on some sleep.

Safe co sleeping - agree with pp google it. I remember the gist was make a c shape with your body around baby, wear a long sleeved tight top and have duvet no higher than your waist.

We had a chicco next to me and I was able to put DC into it with my arm and body close to him in the c shape position. I was on the edge of the bed but at least DC was safe and we were both getting some sleep.

TobleroneBoo Thu 19-Apr-18 05:50:13

Thanks all, I managed to stay awake and tagged in partner but the baby just wanted to feed so he had to come back to me. I've had him in bed with me for a little while and he seems fine but I get so anxious

And obviously I'm having tiredness brain- I thought DS didn't want to be away from me but I can get him 99% of the way down in his crib and his Moses basket. He was born with quite a lump on his head and I've only just twigged that it's probably a bit sore for him, poor sod!

TwinkleTee Thu 19-Apr-18 06:28:52

I found it helped to put a (warm) hot water bottle in DD's cot prior to putting her down and placing her on a muslin that I had tucked close to my skin. That way it was a bit warm on the sheets and smelled like me so she didn't notice the difference so much. Good luck, the early days are super exhausting! It gets better..

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 19-Apr-18 06:46:16

It is so much safer to cosleep following the guidelines than sit up woth him - even if you think you can stay away it's such a risk. Have you tried lying on your side in bed to feed him?

Also read up on the fourth trimester. Most newborns don't want to lie in a cot. Think about where they've come from- warm, snuggly, curled up, right next to Mum, food on tap. What appeal does a cot hold after that 5* hotel?! So trying to recreate those womb like conditions can help a lot.

You do need to catch up during the day so I'd recommend as many cosleeping naps as you can fit in. You'll feel much better for it!

TobleroneBoo Thu 19-Apr-18 13:44:05

It's more the lying down that's the issue, he screams when he's on the changing mat, Moses basket, crib and the pram. I'm always there touching and talking to him but it seems to be the being flat more than anything - too early for reflux?

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 19-Apr-18 16:24:28

No it's not too early as far as I know, worth getting checked. It's also quite normal behaviour for some newborns. My DD wouldn't lie on anything either.

PeachesandPie Thu 19-Apr-18 16:57:26

Not too early for reflux, we were given gaviscon at 3 weeks old for DD. It is however perfectly normal for a baby to not want to lie down anywhere!

danigrace Fri 20-Apr-18 07:29:22

Will probably get shot at for this but I coslept from day 1 with baby up on my chest, just a waffle blanket no duvet, and he expertly latched and fed himself through the night so most of the time I didn't even have to wake to feed him bc he naturally sorted himself out. At about 3 months he moved to sleeping at the side of me in the crook of my arm (was a natural transition) but still wants to come up on my chest when he's poorly (8 months old). It's something to do with all the skin to skin helping their growth and healing. There are a long list of factors that make cosleeping unsafe but as long as these don't apply and common sense is exercised my midwife told me it's at least as safe as in a moses basket etc, they just have to give clear and simple overall advice that suits the masses so it is less confusing

danigrace Fri 20-Apr-18 07:32:41

OP does he scream when lay flat even on his front on your chest? If so that sounds like reflux - myself, my sister, and my cousin all had to quit dairy whilst breastfeeding and that helped immensely (much to the frustration of my sister who was living on galaxy bars haha)

TobleroneBoo Fri 20-Apr-18 20:01:13

@danigrace he was doing! Last night though I sent dp for some emergency formula and he had that and we managed to settle him and get a few good hours sleep so it seems like he wasn't getting enough from me and wasunsettled because of that

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