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7 mo dropped afternoon feed but still waking at night -help!

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Emacbell Mon 16-Apr-18 16:38:25

My 7mo has started to refuse his afternoon feed. Gets hysterical and won't even take the bottle in his mouth. Arches his back.... full on tantrum.

I would happily replace this with a snack as HV suggested when they stop a milk feed but I want to get as much milk as I can in him as he still wakes at least once a night for a feed!

Am paranoid that if he drops this feed he will start waking more at night as he will be more hungry!

Anyone else's little one do this? Any suggestions?

gingerbreadbiscuits Mon 16-Apr-18 16:43:22

My DD reversed cycled at this age completely. She would only have any substantial amount of milk at night. There was nothing I could do other than go with it.

Your little one might wake up more or may not. Waking at night for milk is completely normal at this age.

Emacbell Mon 16-Apr-18 18:02:56

Oh glad to know he's not the only one! Did you just replace milk feed with a snack? I went with it today and mixed his milk with rusk and he ate it... Just thinking maybe he just prefers food?!

gingerbreadbiscuits Mon 16-Apr-18 18:05:17

It was a while ago and we did baby led weaning so I think I was just offering her food 3 times a day. She has less milk on a night time when I introduced snacks but there was a phase of her having 3 11oz bottles a night.

My DD did have an undiagnosed milk intolerance which may have been related.

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