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How much sleep for a 4 month old

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Justine2912 Thu 10-May-07 16:19:55


Just wondered how much sleep during the day a 4 month old should get, my DS will only sleep for half hour slots when I put him into his cot, however if I take him out in the car or pram he will sleep longer, however I cant always go out when he needs his sleep. He does sleep pretty well during the night and usually only wakes up once and he is usually in bed by 6.30pm as he is tired by that point. Any help at all would be gratefully recieved

JimJammum Thu 10-May-07 20:51:03

From what I have read, they should be having anywhere between 3 and 5 hours in the day according to which book you pick up. (NB as wise MNers have said before - your ds has not read these!!!!) As mum to ds who likes to nap for 30 mins at a time and then wake up still tired and grumpy, this is problematic!!!
From my previous postings, the general advice here is to do what you need/feel best for your LO. At least yours sleeps at night well , so he must be happy on what he's getting. In that case I wouldn't worry about what he is or isn't getting in the day unless he is clearly overtired.

Vmama Sun 13-May-07 17:02:26

mY 12wk old dS is exactly the same and always has been -I can actually predict exactly what time he'll wake as it's always half an hour on the dot! And it sometimes takes me half an hour to get him to sleep so sometimes doesn't even seem worth it! But like you he sleeps well at night -goes down at 7 and only wakes for feeds til 6.30/7am

Vmama Thu 21-Jun-07 21:23:40

hey Justine2912 how are you getting on -any changes?

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