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Occasional co-sleeping. Am I making a rod for my own back?

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MelvinThePenguin Tue 13-Mar-18 10:15:43

After a very rocky start with sleeping (milk allergy only fully resolved at 7 months) our now 10 month old DD2 is generally an excellent, 12 hour sleeping, self soothing, put down drowsy but awake baby.

Perhaps once a fortnight though, she’s a bit of a pickle. She’ll go to sleep immediately when on my/DH’s shoulder, or while having her back rubbed in her cot, but will wake up immediately when put down/ we stop rubbing her back. It doesn’t matter how long you wait and it goes on for hours. There is almost always an obvious explanation (cold, upset tummy, just learned new skill and insists on practising etc.)

While DH was away, I tried co-sleeping one night. It worked really well for us and DD was transferred back to her own room when she was solidly asleep. The problem is, DH won’t let me do it now because he’s worried she’ll insist on it all the time.

DH or DD and I could sleep in the spare room, but he won’t have it. He understands that I dislike sitting in her nursery when I could be in bed, so instead he insists on sitting up with DD himself. He doesn’t seem to mind, but I feel guilty that we’re not sharing the load more evenly.

Can you help me reassure him? I really do understand his nerves because DD was awful pre 7 months. I think it’s possible he’s unnecessarily worried though, to his own detriment mostly.

If I’m wrong, that’s okay too grin

crazycatlady5 Tue 13-Mar-18 11:53:44

Ignore the rod, it is nonsense and such an old fashioned claim. Enjoy your baby cuddles!

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