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4 month sleep regression - can I do anything!?

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Snoozysleepthief Mon 12-Mar-18 17:29:46

I’m right in the depths of the 4 month regression and leap 4 with my little boy and I am seriously exhausted. He’s currently waking up every hour or so through the night and then ready to start the day at 5am with no chance of getting him back to sleep till a more reasonable hour, even with cosleeping. In my middle of the night desperation I bought the Little Ones plan and now I’m stressing even more than I was before about nap times, lengths, overtiredness, undertiredness and I’m starting to lose the plot. Is there anything that I can actually do or is the best thing just to try to relax and ride it out? I keep telling myself that each horrific night is one step closer to a better night but I’m really struggling and I’m back to work soon sad help!!!!

Muse84 Tue 13-Mar-18 09:22:41

I feel your pain, in similar situation with my 4.5 month old

I was getting mildly hysterical looking at all of the advice, books, what to do, what not to do....but went on holiday last week, had to cosleep (no cot) and had a lovely time! He is firmly back in the next2me now, but I learned that by going with the flow, I was a much happier person (and mummy!)

I spent the week BFing him for naps them lying next to him reading a book (the first since he was born!)

I reason with myself that this is a short period of time that we'll never get back (he's currently lying curled up next to me in our bed).

On a practical note, I have started ignoring some of his wake ups at night if very soon after last feed- and he invariably goes back to sleep within minutes!

I've also started feeding him lying down- makes a huge difference for me at night, even though I still have to pick him up/put hi back in cot.

I certainly haven't got it "right" (ie having a baby that naps as soon as you put him down and sleeps through hmm) but what is right?! What makes us happy, that's all! Screw the people that used to get me all worked up by saying their baby sleeps through. We're happy and he's healthy, and I'm still living a normal if sleep deprived life

And, of one day it becomes untenable, I will put up with a couple of difficult weeks to get things on track.

Sorry this is a total ramble, I just wanted to share the fact that once I stopped obsessing, I started enjoying life a lot more

Snoozysleepthief Tue 13-Mar-18 12:16:31

@Muse84 sounds like I need to just relax like you have and just enjoy him! I’m so reluctant to leave him during the night and am very guilty of diving straight in at any peep so maybe I just need to let him see if he can sort himself out and go back to sleep first! Baby sleep is just a big minefield isn’t it! It’s not like he’s really changed that much, he never actually slept through before the regression, he just wakes up even more now!! I was a bit more chilled with the wake ups last night and feel much better for it this morning so I guess that’s the way forward!

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