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Cosleeping with a bed guard

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Nottalotta Sat 24-Feb-18 20:23:31

Ds2 is just 1. He starts the night in his cot which is up against the bed with the side on. We could sleep after he wakes up, it's easier to bf in bed and we both sleep well in my king sized bed! (Just me and him (

I'm findingoing it hard to lift him out of the cot when he wakes now though as it's against the bed so I'm kneeling on the bed leaning into the cot. He's quite big and heavy. So I'm thinking of moving the cot but then there'll be nothing to keep him in. I've got a bed guard thing but it doesn't look all that sturdy.

Do people use them for Co sleeping with babies of this age or are they just to stop toddlers falling out of their toddler bed?

Orangepear Sat 24-Feb-18 20:30:21

I use bed guards, used a mesh one with DD 1 but it broke eventually so got wooden ones to use with DD2 and they are much sturdier. She's nearly 2 and used since birth. Handy to tuck Kindle down the side, keep water bottle beside me etc!

Nottalotta Sat 24-Feb-18 22:11:32

I've got a mesh one. It doesn't seem to fit closely enough though.

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