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Nap advice .. 13 months

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April45 Sat 24-Feb-18 20:02:11

I feel like I'm getting in a right tangle with naps. DS naps 11-12 And 3-3.40 I wake him from both. He's just started walking and seemed really hard to wake from his naps so I've given to 12.15 a few days but not sure it's made any difference.

Today he didn't get up from his nap until 4 as couldn't get him down (maybe that naps too long at 11?) And tonight hes laughed at me when going to bed and is too awake!

He's never been a great night time sleeper and we have teeth/ post injections at the moment so tricky to think about the impact at night although hrs been hard to get down tonight as too alert

I guess what I'm thinking is we have the longest awake time until 11 then three hour gaps between the next nap and then bed. Seems wrong?? He's hard to get napping earlier in the morning. Is this that she where they don't quite need two naps but need more than one?

What would you do try one longer nap? If so what time would you start it off? Do I need to stretch him later?

I'm just worried about dropping to one with him only just .. I've read they can get too tired if you drop too soon.

I'm waffling now.. what are your thoughts??

icantdothis2017 Sun 25-Feb-18 08:24:11

Why do you wake him at 12?
I'd try to push the start of his nap to 11.30 and hope he does till 1:30.
Then 6:30-7 bed.
13 months is reasonable to move to one nap

April45 Sun 25-Feb-18 12:30:53

I don't really know I think because when I tried one nap before he didn't last til bedtime but any longer than 12 and he wouldn't nap in the afternoon this is what I mean I'm in a tangle!

icantdothis2017 Sun 25-Feb-18 14:10:03

If you think he needs two naps a day you'd be better of trying 10-11am nap and 2-3 pm nap.
7pm bed imo

April45 Sun 25-Feb-18 15:53:13

The timings are better for that but he won't go down at 10. Maybe I need to be braver and try one nap and see what happens

icantdothis2017 Sun 25-Feb-18 17:12:20

It sounds like one nap would be better.
They do struggle to make it to bedrums at first but I think they do adjust

Jasquers Sun 25-Feb-18 19:54:02

My DS went down to one nap just after his 1st birthday. The sign was not going to sleep in the afternoon after a morning nap. Sometimes he goes down at 1230 and sleeps for 2 hours, other times he is tired by 1130. I just adjust bed time depending on when he wakes. Today he went the whole day without a nap (my parents were babysitting) and still lasted until 645pm without too much trouble! Maybe it's time to try one nap, and let them sleep for as long as they want (within reason!)

April45 Mon 26-Feb-18 19:37:13

I tried tga6t yesterday and he slept 2.5 hours before I woke him. Then he was tired by bedtime but up a lot in the night. Bother overtired and too much nap if that's possible.

Today he's only napped once at nursery but for less so we'll see what tonight brings! These nap transitions drive me nuts!!

wetpebbles Mon 26-Feb-18 20:11:31

My 14 month old has recently moved to one nap. Up at between 6.30-7, nap from 10.30-12.00. She has a bath about 5-5.30 and bed at 6.15.

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