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4 day old will ONLYsleep on my chest at night?

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SuzanneSays Tue 20-Feb-18 04:14:03

Hi, this is my second baby, dd was a crappy sleeper so we co slept and I usually breastfed her back to sleep. She is now a great sleeper- happily sleeping 13 hours a night at 3.5.
DS is only 4 days old, born at 38 +4 and tiny. He happily sleeps pretty much all day either in a sleepyhead, his bouncy chair or on me or DH- he has no problem sleeping on his back. BUT at night for some reason he will only sleep on my chest, as soon as I put him in Chicco Next to me or sleepyhead his little arms start wildly ‘fighting’ and he starts crying and will only settle for my chest (or another feed). I have literally been up all night with Jon every night and feel like I am going insane. What can I do? I’m dangerously close to falling asleep with him on my chest in bed which I know is a big SIDS risk. Dh helps a bit but I don’t trust him not to fall asleep with DS on his chest. Has anyone had this experience?

RNBrie Tue 20-Feb-18 04:19:18

Can you try swaddling him. Lying him in the cot and breastfeeding him whilst you lie next to him? Once he's asleep you can roll away?

Congratulations on your squidgy newborn!!

SuzanneSays Tue 20-Feb-18 04:25:39

He sleeps in a grobag, one where you can sort of tick their arms in or leave them out. The one time I tried tucking his arms in he got very very cross. Will try breastfeeding to sleep in the next to me if I can on his next wake

FrancinePefko Tue 20-Feb-18 04:44:20

Aww so lovely!!smile
Sorry that's not helpful....
My eldest spent most of his first few days on his dad's chest. They have a special bond now and it one of our most precious memories.

cheshiremama89 Tue 20-Feb-18 04:50:43

I'm going through the same thing although mine is now 2.5 weeks old.
I'm having to ensure he is fully asleep/clean/winded and get him into the sleepyhead without disturbing him.
Only sleeping for 2/3 hours max at a time x

crazycatlady5 Tue 20-Feb-18 12:24:00

My little one was like this (she’s a year now). Husband and I took turns for a week or so and then gradually she would accept cosleeping next to me. Also, I know it was against advice but I was desperate - she slept on her side in the sleepyhead better than on her back x

MagicFajita Tue 20-Feb-18 12:36:42

It's so hard isn't it op? My son was the same in his early weeks and I am 99% sure I fell asleep with him on my chest once while he was in this phase.

After this scare I insisted that my dh and I take turns with the baby at night and if one of us was dropping off they had to say immediately and the other should take over.

What I found also helped was to leave him to lay on his changing mat for increasing amounts of time during the day, starting with 1-2 minutes and very slowly building up. Ditto with his bouncy chair , I think he became used to laying without the warmth of a parents' arms all of the time within a couple of weeks and we both felt that he was safer as a result.

Some may suggest co sleeping and that's obviously a very personal choice , I just never felt that our son was safe while doing it.

RNBrie Tue 20-Feb-18 13:47:35

Many little ones hate being swaddled when you first do it but they get used to it and it really does help them sleep. I'd tuck the arms in on the grobag, make lovely soothing noises and give him a little rub with your boob available. He'll get the hang of it grin

BorahT Tue 20-Feb-18 21:13:16

I was always pretty useless at swaddling but I wish I had tried swaddling with the hands up at my baby’s face as DS loved eating his hands and apparently they find this soothing. I think this is the video which shows you how to do it :

gingergenius Tue 20-Feb-18 21:22:33

It was 16 years ago but my eldest was like this. Swaddling with hands up made a big difference. He used to feel the cold too (also tiny) and at night I think he needed the extra body heat. He sleeps for England now (even though I thought he never would!)

Best of luck op

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