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Help with strange pattern ?

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jacobsgirl Tue 20-Feb-18 01:44:32

Hi ftm here

Baby is 6 months old and since about 3 or 4 months has been sleeping through the night really well

I started weaning him when he hit 5 months just with little purees of veg etc and he did very well and continued sleeping through

For the last two weeks however he has went back to his newborn routine and is waking at least twice in the night for a feed ?

I'm confused as I thought since he's eating more through the day this was supposed to have the opposite effect?


tealandteal Tue 20-Feb-18 04:23:13

A lot of first foods are quite low in calories, compare pureed carrot to milk for example. So they need to get the calories in the night. Sweet potato and avocado are quite high in calories it you want to try those

Makingworkwork Tue 20-Feb-18 07:28:16

As above. 6 months is also a big sleep regression so this is normal.

jacobsgirl Tue 20-Feb-18 07:51:51

Thanks for your responses !
Spent all night on google but prefer to hear from mums direct !

glasshalfsomething Tue 20-Feb-18 22:06:17

We are the exact same! Giving it a week or two to pass before looking at any strategies to change.

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