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Can't get 10 month old to sleep

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Chosenbyyou Sat 17-Feb-18 10:25:52


Always struggled with sleep with both of my two.

Have a 10m old who I can't get to sleep. Last night he woke in the night and I ended up spending 1hr 20 mins trying to get him back to sleep.

Yesterday I couldn't get him to nap so had to use the car and then pram in the afternoon. This morning I have spent 45 mins trying to get him to sleep which hasn't worked.

I had the exact same issue with my DD and we ended up driving every day at lunchtime to get her to sleep and then transferred to cot.

Nursery do not have this problem and both have napped at nursery after being rocked by staff.

All I do is take to bedroom and put in sleeping bag and rock slightly. I have also tried leaving in bed but will eventually cry and back rub which doesn't work.

What am I doing so wrong? He seems to need two naps a day - but has now been up for 3.5 hours and won't sleep so any nap later will be so late it will knock on to bed time.

To be honest I'm sick of baby sleep - it has ruined my whole 'baby' experience and I won't be having anymore just based on sleep!

Any ideas what I'm getting so wrong?


arbrighton Sat 17-Feb-18 19:02:50

There's another sleep regression at 8-10 months

It's normal for them to need help to go to sleep until quite a lot older too, whatever anyone would have you believe. Be it driving, pram, cuddling, rocking, shushing, patting, feeding. It won't be forever, it's not a rod for your back or creating bad associations.

And actually I LOVE the cuddles with my nearly 8 mo when he's napping. DH sees that he does get a better nap that way and understands my need to ensure he doesn't wake (ok, there is a slight bit of anxiety there) plus, with a BF baby who still feeds a lot, I do all the night waking.

Chosenbyyou Sun 18-Feb-18 05:05:31

Thank you for your reply arbrighton.

Hope it is a regression! Just spent two hour trying to get him to sleep and have just given up - 3-5 no sleep so we are up watching TV and he is completely awake. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing!

Today will be fun - up at 3am and on my own with 3yo and 10mo! Lol! sad


QuilliamCakespeare Sun 18-Feb-18 05:16:48

It's not you, it's babies. They are ridiculous.

SpikeGilesSandwich Sun 18-Feb-18 05:31:57

Sounds pretty standard to me. I'm shocked you think an hour and twenty minutes is ages tbh! Babies are a both a blessing and a torture.

Unusualllly Sun 18-Feb-18 15:00:34

I concur. Never want more kids because it's so stressful and exhaust getting babies to be happy and sleep without crying.
People say "enjoy the cuddles" but with me baby does not sleep on me/or in cot, it's pram or car and even then they can still be tears.
Roll on tantruming toddlers!!

Usernamqwerty Sun 18-Feb-18 15:12:37

My little man dropped to one nap around this time. We were sick of spending up to an hour trying to get him to nap in the afternoon when he clearly wasn't tired. He now has a long nap from about 11:30 x

Chosenbyyou Sun 18-Feb-18 15:46:52

Thank you for your replies! He has dropped to one nap for the last two days mainly cuz he has got up later after being up all night!

I didn't realise it was normal for them to be up in the night for 2 hours or so sad

Unusually - lol I don't enjoy the cuddles haha! I find two hours rocking a baby in the smallest room of my house really soul destroying! I prefer toddlers!

I will probably just get up tonight rather than try get him to sleep for hours - be less stressful?!

Thank you xx

QuilliamCakespeare Sun 18-Feb-18 19:00:50

If it helps, I'm regularly up with my 1 year old for 90+ minutes (often more than once) in the night. My eldest wasn't like this so I know it's not my parenting, my youngest is just a lunatic grin

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