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11 months sleep dramas. Advice needed

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SiTay Tue 13-Feb-18 07:49:18


My 11 DS has stopped sleeping through sad he can self settle (no dummy or rocking) and slept through from 3 months old until 9 and half months old (mid Dec), at that point he had an ear infection, then he had bronchitis and then tonsillitis and then another ear infection (and he's not even at nursery yet)

He can self settle in the middle of the night but he's still awaking twice in the night crying, we don't pick him up we just go in, give him a drink of water, try to wind him, nurofen, teething stuff (we did try picking him up to settle him but he'd work himself up when we'd put him down), I don't know if the porridge is giving him tummy ache in the night.

His routine
7am - wake up whole milk in sippy cup
8am - breakfast
10am - snack
11:15 - lunch
12pm - two hour nap (I wake him)
2:30pm - snack
5pm - tea
8:30pm - porridge
7pm - milk in sippy cup, bath then bed
Wakes at 1am and 5am. I do wake to sleep at 4am

He had a teddy for his comforter.
What am I doing wrong?? sadx

crazycatlady5 Tue 13-Feb-18 18:31:01

To be honest you’re lucky you had so many uninterrupted nights! You’re not doing anything wrong at all, baby sleep goes up and down for the first year.

riddles26 Tue 13-Feb-18 20:40:53

I'm no expert but your routine looks great to me. Mine was still on 2 naps a day at 11 months but I know plenty who are happily napping once a day just like yours without any problems.

It sounds like the illnesses have just thrown everything out of sync for him and he's struggling to self settle. Is he teething at the moment? Mine really suffers with teething so we've had lots of disrupted nights with fever and pain but many others are much less affected. I only offer meds at the most painful time when the teeth are actually cutting.

It sounds like you already are but be really consistent with dealing with the wake ups - offering comfort without picking him up, whether you offer water or not etc and it will pass. I'm sure it feels like forever right now while you're in the midst of it but he's slept through consistently before so he will do it again

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