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Talk to me about shh patting - in all its glory

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Jellybabie3 Mon 12-Feb-18 16:45:20

So HV has recommended this today for 4mo who wakes up every hour since Christmas. I know some of you recommended this from my earlier thread.

I have the link to the baby whisperer site but I would like to know the reality of this method. HV said to do this before bed and if he wakes when he shouldn't in the night wanting a feed (she said if he has fed in the last 2 hours). She said do shh pat til hes asleep for now and then gradually decrease the time spent doing it and leave him eventually when he is still awake. This is for naps and bedtime.

I am not overly happy doing any methods which involve hysterical crying. And call me stupid but I am exhausted so the thought of a howling baby in the middle of the night every hour makes me want to weep too - the boob works like magic.....but as alot of you keep telling me and the HV today reiterated, he may need some gentle coaching.

So.. If you tried it did it work, how long did it take and how did it go please? I need to make a decision...

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