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4 month old daytime naps...

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123456kent Sat 10-Feb-18 15:26:14

Are all on me.
If we are out she naps in the car or pram. But when we are indoors they are on me (or OH at weekends). I decided at new year to turn over a new leaf and attempt to put her to nap in a proper place (bassinet), but all that happened was she either got herself worked up into tears at being put down when tired (she’s a cuddly baby), or she did fall asleep eventually (with a dummy) but woke 10 mins later. Both situations end with an unhappy overtired baby.
On me she can nap for an hour, or longer. It’s always a good solid nap, and not a catnap.
I don’t actually have an issue with this (at the moment). I love the cuddles, I get to sit and watch tv, go on my phone, relax, nap myself if needed.
At night she sleeps well, in her Sleepyhead. She doesn’t co sleep with us (very rarely 5amish onwards if unsettled). She must be self settling throughout the night (I’m aware this can change at any time)
Is this really habit really terrible, and why? What will the repercussions be? I know it’s not good for us long term, but it’s so nice! I know I can only do this with my first born. I don’t get loads done, but what needs doing?! I’m on maternity leave, relaxing. All the essentials (washing, showering, tidying, eating etc) get done when she’s awake.
Has anyone also done this and learnt the hard way that it was a mistake?

BentleyBelly Sat 10-Feb-18 15:34:06

I'm writing this with my 4 month old asleep on me. I have started putting him down for naps in his cot at least once a day but he has a good long sleep on me early afternoon every day either before school run or watching a film with his big sister snuggled up too like we are now. I think it is good to get them able to sleep other places too but snuggled naps whilst little is fine too. My dd started napping really well in her cot around 6 months and that what I'm aiming for with ds too.

123456kent Sat 10-Feb-18 16:21:42

Thanks. I suppose gradual weaning is the way to do it as you say, one a day and go from there.
4 month regression has hit this week and she wants to be awake a LOT and is very hard to get off to sleep. The last thing I want is catnaps, they are so frustrating!

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