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13mo DS started kicking off at bedtime.

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BalloonDinosaur Mon 05-Feb-18 19:59:15

We've been really lucky with DS, he's a happy, outgoing easy baby.

And up until recently, he's always slept really well.

For the last week or so he's started refusing to go to sleep. Either screams blue murder, or stands up and throws his dummy and bear out the cot, then screams because he doesn't have them.

Not sure what's started this, or why, we haven't changed anything in his routine.

He naps well in the daytime, normally for a couple of hours in the morning.

Any advice greatly appreciated!

opalescent Mon 05-Feb-18 20:51:00

My son did this at a similar age, as did my nephews. I honesty think it's just a developmental thing- the realisation that they can assert themselves a bit, and don't have to immediately fall into line with routine!

We stuck to our guns, which meant a few stressful evenings of going in and out, replacing dummies, shushing and patting etc.

We kind of wanted to maintain the message that bedtime was bedtime, but did so gently, with lots of reassurance and firm but fair responses. It did pass 😃.

BalloonDinosaur Mon 05-Feb-18 22:06:49

Ok, I can do that! Sometimes you just need to hear 'it'll pass'

Thank you

noodlmcdoodl Tue 06-Feb-18 09:44:37

That describes my situation exactly, mine is the same age as yours. He has no intention of going to sleep despite displaying his tiredness signs and having gone through is usual evening routine. We've just been bringing him downstairs and he happily settles on one of us. He'll eventually drop off and then stirs when he's taken up to his cot but settles well once in it. This approach suits us and him.... plus it's kinda nice having the cuddles as during the day he doesn't stop. We did try one night of laying back down, shushing repeatedly etc but it was really distressing and upsetting for all of us. Then we felt guilty he'd had a rubbish evening and not gone to sleep happy like he usually does.

Namechangeuser Tue 06-Feb-18 09:50:15

Mine is a little younger, but went through this exact same thing. Lay her down, throws toy out, cries to have it back.

It didn't last long, maybe a week or so.

Just go with it, it should go back to normal soon. Babies are strange lol

BalloonDinosaur Tue 06-Feb-18 17:43:48

Thanks all for your replies, good to know it seems to be a temporary phase!

Ritualunion Thu 08-Feb-18 21:30:59

My DS is 12 months, similar behaviour here too! Been waking up angry and taking an age to get back down. Hope it’ll pass soon!

happydays00 Fri 09-Feb-18 19:07:33

My DD was doing the exact same thing at 13 months, it was hell for about a week or two and then as quickly as it started it stopped!

This too shall pass thanks

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