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How to get baby to self settle/sooth

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kittylou69 Wed 24-Jan-18 11:04:35

Hi, my LO has just turned 8months and since 5.5months has been a nightmare sleeper. In the early days he would occasionally self settle and would typically sleep from 7.30-6.30. Then the dreaded sleep regression, followed by development leaps and teething and now we're all over the place.
He would ALWAYS fall asleep whilst feeding, so if he fed before nap/bed then I would put him to bed asleep. If not he would either self settle or if too tired we'd rock him.
Now he just can't self settle at all, requires feeding or rocking for every sleep.
It wouldn't be too bad but he is also a really bad sleeper.
Yesterday. Up at 5.50, feed. Breakfast 7.30, nap 8.30-10 (rocked to sleep took less than 10mins and woke up happy), feed 10. Lunch 12, nap 1.20-1.45 (took 50mins to get him to sleep, rocked, feed, rocked, feed, bit of crying and rocked again, woke up really grumpy. Spent the afternoon grumpy, 3 fed followed by snack. 5.30 tea, then bath, fed and bed by 6.30. 7.15 up streaming, husband rocked back to sleep. 10.30 woke up screaming, fed back to bed, woke up 10mins later, husband tried rocking, but woke up 10mins later, another feed at 11.45 back to sleep. 2.30 up playing-6, failed attempts to get him back involved leaving him, feeding him, rocking. Eventually a feed put him back (in our bed). Woke this morning at 8.
We are so tired, constantly grumpy and need help, we just don't know where to go or what to try.

kittylou69 Wed 24-Jan-18 11:07:49

I should say we had previously tried pu/pd, with some success, until the day it didn't and we just had him screaming the house down.
We've also got a 2.5yr old, with his own sleep issues (bedtime sleep avoidance and night terrors).
Some days I'm getting 30mins sleep, between the two of them.

kittylou69 Thu 25-Jan-18 17:14:21

Anyone got any suggestions?

Naomilj Thu 08-Feb-18 06:25:15

Hi @kittylou89, sorry that you didn’t get any advice.

I’m not going to much help as we are currently you trying to sleep train our 2.5 year old and I am 38 weeks pregnant - dreading exactly what you are describing.

Just a couple of questions/suggestions for you to think about:
Where does your little one sleep? Is it distraction free?
Could you start by trying to break his sleep associations i.e no more rocking - even if it takes longer? We did this with our DS and he still barely self settles.
How much and how does he feed at night? Could he do with more milk in the day so he’s less hungry at night?
Is his bedtime routine consistent?

Sorry it’s not much help. Another suggestion would be to ask your GP/health visitor about your local sleep clinic?

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