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Where to sleep for daytime naps

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Twinmumessex Sat 13-Jan-18 08:51:33

I have 4 month old twins and have recently implemented a set bedtime routine so they go to sleep in their cot rather than their bouncy chairs downstairs with us, as they had been up until this point.
During the day they have a short morning nap (normally done in the pram when I take the dog for a walk) and a long lunchtime sleep, sometimes up to 3 hours long. They have this sleep on their bouncy chairs but I’m wondering if it would be better for them to go in to their cot?
What do you all do?

CheapSausagesAndSpam Sat 13-Jan-18 09:00:45

Since you're going to have naps for some time to come, I advise their cots.

As they get older, they'll stop associating downstairs with sleep and ofcourse, they'll outgrow them.

So move them up now before that happens and they're aware.

FATEdestiny Sat 13-Jan-18 14:51:33

If you're afternoon nap is usually long, I'd start moving that nap to the cot.

I'd keep the morning nap in bouncers though, since it's a shorter nap. It's loads easier in the bouncer when you have multiple children.

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