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anyone got a Sleepy Time Bunny alarm clock? is ours broken or are we just being dense...?

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serenequeen Sun 25-Jul-04 18:11:30

we can't seem to get ours into "sleep" mode goshdarnit! wondering if we are being incredibly dumb or if it is broken? is there a special knack or should it be v. simple?

thanks in advance

batey Sun 25-Jul-04 18:35:20

Our sleep function dosn't work too well either. It won't sleep if the time is too close to the alarmed time IYSWIM, ie. if it is set for 6.30am and your trying to put it to sleep at 7pm. It works if you move the alarm hand away, put it on sleep, then re-set alarm time. HTH. If it dosn't, maybe it is faulty?

Sozie Sun 25-Jul-04 18:38:13

We have to push ours down slowly a couple of times before it sticks and we have just bought ours so it's not from over use.

serenequeen Sun 25-Jul-04 18:52:29

thank you for that prompt response, batey i've just tried it and no luck...

any other ideas, anyone?

i will just go and look for the returns documentation <sigh>.

serenequeen Sun 25-Jul-04 18:56:48

ooh, thanks, sozie, just missed your post replying to batey and getting TENS machine... will try that

Yorkiegirl Sun 25-Jul-04 19:35:20

Message withdrawn

whizzz Mon 26-Jul-04 18:37:02

Yes we have one - its great & highly recommended. Agree that you can't put it in sleep mode if the time is too near wake up time. Try moving the wake up time, put in sleep mode & then move hand back a bit !

serenequeen Wed 04-Aug-04 06:16:45

thank you, everyone. we tried the tips mentioned here, none of which worked - the clock was definitely faulty. however, letterbox came up trumps and sent us a new one very quickly, which is now installed in ds's room. not sure if it is just down to the clock, but we have seen that ds is sleeping later! thank goodness.


katierocket Wed 04-Aug-04 07:37:49

bl**dy bunny clock. Hurray we thought, maybe this will solve the 3 years of getting up at 5.30/6am.

we had it for 5 mins and DS worked out how to 'wake up' bunny. And it's made no difference to him getting up early seriously i do think there is an opportunity for a manufacturer to make a really good version of this. It's a good idea but so badly made.

enid Thu 05-Aug-04 07:00:56

<<enid whispers>> I write about baby stuff as a freelance and most catalogues have stopped selling this clock as it breaks so easily - one company got nearly 75% returns on it!

Can you not just use a normal alarm clock or a clock radio with music (which is what we did in the end)?

serenequeen Thu 05-Aug-04 07:04:06

thanks, enid. if (when ) this one breaks, we will do that instead.

katierocket Thu 05-Aug-04 07:20:51

doesn't surprise me at all enid. i think the reason the bunny clock is a neat idea (albeit badly executed) is because of the visual element which you don't get with radio alarm or similar.

Azure Thu 05-Aug-04 08:40:17

Message withdrawn

whizzz Thu 05-Aug-04 19:36:34

There is a Winnie the Pooh version (jojo maman bebe were selling it off a while back) - don't know if its more robust. I bought one for a friend.

Want2BmorelikeRachel Sun 20-Aug-06 22:27:30

I've read here and elsewhere quite bad reviews about Sleepytime clock so after searching for something else, I've found the Kidsleep alarm clock/nightlight from
It's more expensive than Sleepytime one at £35 but it looks more robust because there's no ears to get knocked off for a start!
I've only just ordered mine so can't give any personal comments as yet but just thought I'd let you all know anyway.

AdamsMummySue Tue 30-Jan-07 15:11:08

I have found the "Kid Sleep Bunny Clock a much better alternative to the Sleepytime Clock.

I runs on the mains not batteries, nothing sticking up to break - like ears!

It also lights up in the dark and acts as a night light so you don't have the problem that children can't see it during the dark winter mornings.

It is set by a digital clock so children can't master how to alter it and get Bunny up early!

I found a great lady on Ebay selling them - the shop is called - Elegant_Ladies UK or use the link then click the catogory "Other Items" on the left hand side and they will be listed there. She is selling them for £29.99 and super fast delivery.

It normally retails at about £35 so a bit more expensive than the Sleeptimne clock but I think well worth the extra and it looks nicer!

My little man loves his Bunny clock and won't go to sleep unless Bunny is in bed as well, but the best thing is he won't get up until Bunny is up as well!

Let me know if you buy one and what you think!

cloudexplosion Fri 04-Jan-08 12:41:53

Message withdrawn

cloudexplosion Fri 04-Jan-08 12:42:50

Message withdrawn

alkie Wed 30-Jul-08 20:28:00

We had sucess with KIDSLEEP clock for few months, but it broke! digital clock just stopped working and lights just stay on all the time, however, it did work while it lasted but works out about a tenner a month if it keeps breaking! I am contemplating buying another one as the half 5 starts are not much fun. Please Please can someone make a good quality clock that does the same job and I would recommend to anyone.

popsta Thu 11-Sep-08 20:06:07

Just got a kidsleep alarm clock and the thing was broken before had a chance to use it plus the instructions are very unclear and i am confused on how to set the clock to go to sleep at seven and awake at seven any suggestions please . I have severe baby brain at moment so cannot work it out anyone please ??????angry

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