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Babylo Cozi Sleeper sheets?

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HeavyMetalMama Sun 31-Dec-17 19:09:04

I have this co sleeping crib for my boy due in March but I cannot for the life of me find sheets to fit it! Crib ones are too narrow and cot ones are too short. Any help would be greatly appreciated please as it only comes with 2 and they’re not overly soft

HeavyMetalMama Sun 31-Dec-17 19:09:51

Should say cot ones are too long*

DerKaiser Sun 14-Jan-18 17:24:50

Hey did you find any? Tesco do fitted sheets that are 40x90cm which is not far off the same as the mattress 87x46 size. Not tried any yet though

HeavyMetalMama Sun 14-Jan-18 17:39:50

No luck as of yet, thank you though will have a look smile

Vicky2592 Sun 04-Feb-18 17:26:47

Hiya, I’m having the same issue! Have you managed to find any sheets that fit yet?x

HeavyMetalMama Sun 04-Feb-18 19:17:19

No such luck! Ended up returning it because it wouldn’t sit sturdy, bought a Tutti Bambini cosleeper instead and I’m having the same issue 😕 bought some flat cot sheets to try, will just have to tuck the excess under

Vicky2592 Sun 04-Feb-18 20:31:55

Oh no 😩 mines still in the box atm only got it out to look at it, maybe I should set mine up to make sure it’s okay lol x

HeavyMetalMama Sun 04-Feb-18 20:45:36

It might have been a fault with mine, I don’t know. The latches on the sides ether wouldn’t click or would jam half way so that when I pulled the actual crib bit upwards it just shot up and wouldn’t stay put, if that makes sense? I was lucky that Toys R Us didn’t have one in stock to replace it and had to refund, because I’d already bought the Tutti from the Mothercare sale. And lucky, as I bought it on the 6th of October and returned it last week with no receipt!

HeavyMetalMama Thu 08-Feb-18 16:12:47

Just thought I’d update to say Clair de Lune pram/crib sheets 70x90cm fit the Tutti which seems the same as the Cozee, they’re also gorgeously soft. £10.50 for 2 on Amazonsmile

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