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Please help. 18 months of screaming before sleep. No end in sight!

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BiggapTwins Tue 12-Dec-17 01:59:08

Please help me. I am at my wits end. DD has always fought sleep. I cannot take much more. I have both sets of neighbours with newborns who can barely be heard, if at all, yet DD screams so loudly she can be heard across the road! I have tried everything to no avail. Guess I am seeking company in my misery and reassurance that it will stop soon. I certainly cannot take another six months of this. TIA!!!

SleepingStandingUp Tue 12-Dec-17 02:14:55

That's hard going OP.

What is your bedtime routine like?
Is she verbal enough to say what is up?

BiggapTwins Tue 12-Dec-17 02:30:07

The routine is fine. Adaptable slightly due to afternoon nap. I try to get her off to sleep from 7:30pm. DD tends to fight the sleep. If she drops off, it is for an hour. Then up till gone 3am. I have tried no routine too, as well as different sleep times. Irrespective of how tired she is, DD fights the sleep. Was resigned to her being a raver, which I can cope with. The screaming is something else though. I call her Mariah Turner wink

BiggapTwins Tue 12-Dec-17 02:38:19

She has been teething from the get go - Amber Beads are great! She is very verbal and brilliantly communicative. When her gums are hurting she rubs her face.

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