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6 month old hates naps

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Rocco85 Tue 05-Dec-17 16:06:59

Hey, I'm sure this has been asked a million times 🙈 does anyone have any tips for getting a baby to nap? We've just started weaning, he's so far having all his usual bottles plus porridge or weetabix for breakfast and then lunch of vegetable sticks, so I don't know if this would usually affect naps? But for the last week, coinciding with weaning, he's been getting whingy and rubbing his eyes but just refusing to nap! He will go to sleep in the car or buggy but don't want to get into the routine of having to do one of those to get him to nap. Thankfully at night he's generally really good and will go down after his bath, story etc, and sleep through but it's becoming draining during the day, especially as his dad works long days so it's just me from when we wake up to when he goes to bed, and I don't have family near by! Any advice/tips would be much appreciated 😊

Chaosofcalm Tue 05-Dec-17 16:10:39

There is a big sleep progression/regression at this time. I remember it well. I think one of things I ended up doing way lying on the sofa with my DD on top of me and rocking her.

I would go to the loo first, get my tea ready In a travel mug and make sure I could reach the remote.

Chaosofcalm Tue 05-Dec-17 16:11:12

Or you could do it in bed and have a little nap too.

Rocco85 Tue 05-Dec-17 16:15:14

Chaosofcalm - thank you, I managed to get him to have 20 mins this morning by laying in bed with him 👍🏼 unfortunately it wouldn't work this aft 🙄

ineedwine99 Tue 05-Dec-17 16:21:53

We had a short phase like this and she would only nap on me, after a couple of weeks she went to napping in her pushchair in the utility room (tried by chance and worked a treat) and a few weeks after that went back into her cot for naps

Rocco85 Tue 05-Dec-17 16:31:41

Ineedwine99 - Thank you, fingers crossed its the same for this little monkey too 🤞🏼

bingebiscuiteater Tue 05-Dec-17 18:22:36

When my son was 6 mo, I use to pat his head and forehead and tell a story...sometimes I repeat the same story I say at night. It was difficult in the beginning but I was persistent. Then the baby understood that he should go to sleep in the afternoon. Don't lose heart. There is no same formula for all babies. The method to make a baby sleep varies from one to another. Just try and see which works best and keep doing it again and again.

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