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11 month old with sudden sleep drama

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RookieMom Mon 04-Dec-17 18:28:02


I'm a first time parent and my son is now just over 11 months old. He's been sleeping through the night for quite some time now happily in his own crib.

Now over two weeks have past and it's been drama every night. He'll wake up around 12.30 and refuse to go back to sleep in his crib. He'll just cry and get hysterical. So the only solution we found is to let him sleep with us.

He's happy to nap in his crib, just won't sleep the night there. He is still sharing a room with us and his crib is next to me.

Once he get in bed with us he's asleep pretty much right away.

I'm at a loss what to do :-(

FATEdestiny Mon 04-Dec-17 19:10:47

If he is (ususlly) sleeping through then I'd move to a cot in own room. It may mean a few backward steps while settling him, he may need you to stay. But if he's used your going to sleep on his own then it shouldn't be a problem you withdraw as he gets used to it.

It might then be that there us no-one to wake him at midnight, so he doesn't wake. If he does, how about having an emergency use travel cot in your room, rather than him cosleeping?

If this has all come on suddenly though - it might just be pain. Maybe teething molars or sore throat, cold, that sort of thing.

RookieMom Mon 04-Dec-17 21:16:47

Thanks for your message.

It started about two weeks ago when he got a cold suddenly while we were away. At first I didn't mind putting him in bed with us as he was sick and I knew he just needed that comfort. Fine by me. Bit now he's not sick, we've been to the doctor and all is well. I don't see any signs of teething either, I was hoping that may have been it.

It's the oddest thing... We are going to try moving him into his own room this week, maybe that will help. Either way it had to happen eventually.

Right now his crib is next to me, it's certainly a tight squeeze in our room now.

Bedtime routine is always the same, it's a bath with one of us, pj's, milk, sleep in my arms and into his cot. Never been an issue. Nap times he goes straight into the crib and I'll lay in bed near by but mostly out of sight or pretending to be asleep. He'll settle himself to sleep fairly quickly.

He's gone from being a great night sleep and terrible napper to the opposite.

crazycatlady5 Tue 05-Dec-17 19:27:41

Around this time is when they develop separation anxiety so he is probably feeling more settled with you.

Are you uncomfortable cosleeping for the time being?

RookieMom Fri 08-Dec-17 19:03:50

He is definitely going through some seperation anxiety.

We had two good nights where he stayed in his crib the whole night. He managed to settle down as long as he could see Mr. Then last night it all went down hill.

He got up at 10, was quite upset. Dh went in to try to settle him. Nope. He only calmed when I took him. But he freaked out as soon as I set him back in his crib.

There were lots of tears when I left the room to brush my teeth. I was hoping that Dh would be able to get him to relax. Nope.

Finally I came in the room and at this point he was in mega tears. I don't believe in cry it out so he ended up in bed curled up next to me all night.

I don't mind both room sharing or bed sharing, I just also don't want him to he so used to sleeping with me that he will not learn to sleep on his own. My mom did that with me growing up and I had a hard time sleeping alone in a room later on.

But I just don't want him to suffer either. So I'm trying to find a balance. I guess he'll let us know when he's ready when he starts sleeping better again.

We are thinking of after Christmas to move him into his own room but I'll set up a travel cot in our room as well (just in case...). Worse case is I carry him across the hall to our room.

Momming is hard!

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