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The great non-sleepers, newborn and beyond.

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NinaMarieP Sat 02-Dec-17 22:09:05

Thread number four (I think).

Welcome to all past posters and any new ones who are also up at all hours!

theotherendofthesockportal Sat 02-Dec-17 22:16:41

Coming to join you! After being awake since 10.30 this morning I think DD has finally gone to sleep. I think she may have tongue tie, which would explain a lot of the difficulties we are having.

furryelephant Sat 02-Dec-17 22:20:21

Hi! 👋🏻 new to these threads... dd is 12 months and does. Not. Sleep. Unless it’s on me. And then will wake up at least every 2 hours anyway, deciding it’s time to chat and laugh for up to 2 hours angryI think she’s gonna be the death of me grin

Jellybean2017 Sat 02-Dec-17 22:21:26

Hello 👋 found you!

DS is overtired. He nodded off snoring at 9 but was screaming within 30 mins! Still awake now 🙈 think it's going to be a long night.

@theotherendofthesockportal we had DS tongue tie divided at about seven weeks. Made a big difference to breastfeeding.

Hope everyone has a good night.

NinaMarieP Sat 02-Dec-17 22:23:25

I was just about to go to sleep (in the spare room) and I've just heard him crying from the other room...

AMagdalena Sat 02-Dec-17 22:23:42

And DD is in my bed again..

Kahlua4me Sat 02-Dec-17 22:28:32

Just wanted to send you all some strength and to tell you that it does improve and eventually the sleepless nights will become a distant memory.

My DS did not sleep through until he was 5 years old, and often woke up to 10 times a night! He is now 14 and still wakes early but now it is to my advantage as he brings us a cup of tea in bed every morning, sets the table for breakfast, empties the dishwasher and walks the dog, woohoo!

Stay strong, it will pass and then you can claim your payback 😃😃

theotherendofthesockportal Sat 02-Dec-17 22:32:51

I spoke to soon! She is awake and screaming again.

@Jellybean2017 did you take your DS to your GP to sort out tongue tie? Or do you have to go to the hospital?

ValentineFizz Sat 02-Dec-17 23:22:14

@NinaMarieP thank you, I found you all! 👐

DS is currently sleeping after taking a huge amount of milk but I'm expecting him to wake around 12:30 for more, then we'll see how many times after that....

In other news I expressed for the first time today and he took a bottle from DH with no issues so hoping this buys me a little bit of freedom going forward, maybe not through the week as DH works full time but hopefully at weekends, and certainly enough to afford me a wee glass of wine 😀

HashtagTired Sat 02-Dec-17 23:47:47

@NinaMarieP thanks for setting up the new thread!

It must advise I am not in good spirit. Bear with me.
I had a difficult night last night and as a result boobs have been sore today. Dh knows this and has been kind and supportive. Ds does not seem well in himself either.

I go to bed at 20:30. A smidge later than usual and dh knows it, but I fed ds and made him settle for dh before I went upstairs to sleep.

Dh brings him upstairs.
Me (sleepy, just woken up) "how's he been?"
Dh (puts ds on the bed in Moses basket) "restless but he's hungry"
Me: (looks at watch) "it's only 23:30!!"
Dh: "yes but he's hungry..." and walks off.

Okok. But it was me that fed him a bottle downstairs just before I went to bed because my boobs were too sore to feed him. Yet 3 hours later, I must have made a full recovery because clearly another bottle would've been given otherwise. Ffs.

I now have, what we both discussed and fully except to be, the most challenging night of hourly wake ups ahead of me on less than 3 hours sleep with sore boobs.

Great! Thank you.

Psychologically that's a huge battle. It isn't even tomorrow yet. At least when he brings ds up at 1:30am it only feels like a few hours and in theory, based on ds' typical feeding pattern, 2 feeds (2:30 and 5am). But now I have the midnight feed as well and that's 30 minutes early.

I'm really pissed at dh which is not a great start to the night because every time I am now woken up; every minute I'm sat in this god awful and uncomfortable bed feeding with my sore boobs I'm going to be seething at dh with makes this entire night even more miserable.

I predict I will be in tears of frustration before morning. Hope dh enjoys his 7.5 hours sleep. So angry.

anotherexhaustedpigeon Sun 03-Dec-17 01:05:45

Hi everyone, feed 2 here already - doesn't bode well. @HashtagTired I really feel for you. Sometimes our DHs are actual shits.
I am so tired. So completely shattered.

Halfdrankbrew Sun 03-Dec-17 01:12:27

👋 found the new thread! Sorry you're having a rubbish night hashtagtired hope you manage to get a bit of sleep. My husband always gives me the "he's hungry, he needs you" line, when I know there is no way that baby needs feeding!!!

My ds slept for 6 1/2hrs last night, longest ever by a v long way. Not to be repeated tonight unfortunately, back to 2-3 hour naps! Oh well, I think I was more tired anyway.

Sakura03 Sun 03-Dec-17 01:24:47

@HashtagTired - I’ve had a couple of nights on 3 and 4 hours and it’s torture so I really feel for you particularly with sore boobs. Do you have a cream for your nipples? Otherwise I find that a bit of expressed breast milk works wonders.
Sorry I didn’t appear last night, it wasn’t due to loads of sleep although my dp did manage to settle ds at 11.30pm and he then slept for over 3 hours which is really good for us. After that he did 2 x 1 hour.... my iPad had run out of battery and I couldn’t find the charger.
Today the highlight was a short walk and trip to the nearest shop for some food and treats. Ds has been so fussy tonight, I think he might have been overtired cos he couldn’t decide what he wanted, one minute he wanted to feed and the next he was just playing with my nipple. Dp was really great, he did a lot of holding him and walking around with him which calmed him down.
I’ve ordered a sling and a breast pump😊
Oh and it’s feed #1 here.

NinaMarieP Sun 03-Dec-17 01:57:30

I get so upset if the first night feeding is before midnight @HashtagTired. 12.10 is not great but just about acceptable, 11.50 could see me in tears. It may only be 20 minute but psychologically the today/tomorrow thing is huge.

I think the other hugely frustrating thing is when you have to do things yourself and someone else could have. I find it hard doing everything over night during the week, and during the day as well.

But if it's the weekend and someone else could have done something and didn't, I find that even harder sometimes, knowing I could have had a break but didn't get it.

So I'm giving your OH my best Paddington hard stare for you now. Hope your boobs feel better soon!

Jellybean2017 Sun 03-Dec-17 02:23:11

@theotherendofthesockportal The NHS waiting list was twelve weeks here so we went to a private practitioner and had it done same week

Crap night here. Awake every 90 mins 🙈

HashtagTired Sun 03-Dec-17 02:30:09

Thanks guys, your are all so brilliant! The support here is great. I feel less toxic about it now having slept for an hour.

So yes, I've just been woken up by not by ds, he's fast asleep (although a little restless). But my dd had a bad dream and of course dh has decided to sleep downstairs tonight so hasn't heard her. So I've been up trying to get her back to sleep. Bless her, she had a bad dream about dh turning off the bear hunt cd in the car. I'm so glad that's all she has to worry about in life! That's how it should be for a 5 year old. Anyway, would be nicer if it didn't happen at all but hey ho. I'm currently stood next to my bed wanting to get in. Worried that when I do, it will wake ds or my dd will decide to cry again because she can't get back to sleep and I'll wake ds getting out again. It's a metal frame bed and squeaks a bit. Plus the duvet is one of those feather type ones so it crinkles when it moves.

So basically I'm worried about waking up ds now! If only he was this conscientious about me every now and then 🤨

HashtagTired Sun 03-Dec-17 02:31:47

I'm genuinely thinking about setting up camp on the floor! 🤔

HashtagTired Sun 03-Dec-17 02:33:15

@Sakura03 yes, been us by the cream today (yesterday) and I think that's really helped. I don't know what I'd do without it. Cry a lot, probably!

HashtagTired Sun 03-Dec-17 02:36:08

Oooh @NinaMarieP it is SO the weekend and he could've been more helpful. And it will be me that has to injure a 2.5 hour 5 year old birthday party tomorrow with them both, whilst he gets the time to chill. I might just feign illness just so he has to take them 😂. That's beyond cruel really 😂😂😂 it'll depend what the rest of the night brings because I may not have to fake it!!

....I'm still stood next to the bed...

HashtagTired Sun 03-Dec-17 02:38:19

I'm in!

Night night 🤞

HashtagTired Sun 03-Dec-17 03:09:00

Feed #2
Just as I expected. I was just about drifting off, when.....oh, you know how this story goes....

He did 3.5 hours, though. Better than I thought.

Ohthatwilldo Sun 03-Dec-17 03:09:44

Hi All, smile

Following! My Dd isn’t a sleeper. She’s only 19 weeks but I’m exhausted. Cat naps for 20/30 mins a day at a time and won’t let me put her down. Occasionally let’s me put her down at night, but her fav place is my chest. Psychologically I also hate if she wakes for the first feed before midnight. Sending solidarity! X

actino Sun 03-Dec-17 03:49:26

Hi everyone. i completely understand about how heard it is when feed #1 is before midnight, mine was at 1130. I had to feed her at 8 instead of 9/930 because my right boob was painfully engorged (my supply had been upped after the previous two nights of multiple 1+ hour feeds). I've also got sore boobs but haven't introduced a bottle yet, so I just suffer through.

Dd conked out on my chest earlier and actually slept in her basket for 30 mins from 230-3 which is encouraging. Maybe soon she'll go back to having 2-3 hour sleeps overnight which would be amazing. What a luxury it would be to sleep at all between 1 & 5 am!

GingerHanna Sun 03-Dec-17 03:56:22

Sorry to hear that you’re dancing round the circles of hell @HashtagTired. We’re on feed somethingorother. Not saying too much about tonight in case I jinx it... 😏

DryHeave Sun 03-Dec-17 03:57:45

Hello! I’m new here, with a 3-day-old and presuming only a handful of hours is normal? Feeding from 9pm-1am and then he’s clingy and unwilling to sleep outside of cuddles but will snooze till around 4am. Then more food. And unpredictable poops throughout just to make sure we have to undress him and make sure he’s properly awake...

Starting to have milk come in I think and he’s looking at me as if to say “how DARE you change the recipe!”

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