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4m sleep regression tips please!

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BR1007 Sat 02-Dec-17 21:41:48

Hi everyone. DS is going through the dreaded 4m sleep regression and its KILLING ME! he is actually 5 months old but he was born 4 weeks early, so hes going through it now.
He is formula fed and is usually in his next to me crib but when the hubby is on nights (last 3 nights) i have put DS in the bed with me but nothing seems to be helping. He doesnt nap too good in the day so im currently running on empty.
Please please pleeeease can anyone share tips that may help or things you found helpful whilst going through thus phase? I usually give him 1-2 bottles through the night, should i up it and give him an extra one? Or just keep settling him with cuddles till its feed time?
Oh god i dont know sad any tips are hugely welcome!

Figgypuddingandcustard Sun 03-Dec-17 07:02:43

It passes. I breast fed mine a lot more just to help him drop off and kept him awake more in the evenings. Walks in the pram for naps during the day. Have you a mother or mil who'll do a night or two for you to give you a break?

princesseggo Sun 03-Dec-17 07:10:06

probably not the best advice but you've just got to ride it out. It will pass, like PP said.

Lallypopstick Sun 03-Dec-17 08:48:19

I’m coming out of the end of the regression though still with wake ups in the night, just not as frequent. I think you’ve just got to wait it out until your baby figures out how to link sleep cycles. I breastfeed so bed sharing and feeding back to sleep was the best option for me. If feeding gets him back to sleep, I’d do that.

glasshalfsomething Sun 03-Dec-17 13:38:49

I'm with you OP, my DD has stopped sleeping through and woke 5 times last night.

She's BF, so I'm feeding her back to sleep but worried that will cause more issues later on. Going to try putting her down awake this evening and applying the pick up put down method this evening!!!

If anyone has more tips, keen to hear them too!

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