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5 month old daytime nap troubles! Help!

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Snoozequeen Wed 29-Nov-17 15:02:24

Hi ladies,
I’m currently on maternity leave and have until April to get my 20 week old little girl ready for me to go back to work part time. I know it’s a while away but I’m starting to worry about a few things.
Rose is a wonderful sleeper at night, happily goes down after a feed at 7:30pm, chats to herself for 5 mins, drops straight off and sleeps really well, having one feed at 5:30am and waking up at 7:30-8am. I’m very grateful for this. I have even finally treated myself to the odd glass of red after I’ve got her to bed, woopeeee! wine #milestone
My problem is her daytime naps, I breastfeed her and since she was born have nursed her/rocked her to sleep in the day and enjoyed having lovely cuddles with her while she naps as it’s worked for both of us. Although I love it (We both love the cuddles and I get boxset time) I’ve realised that I probably shouldn’t be doing it and should start preparing her for when I can’t be around for her to snooze on. She has loosely the same nap times/lengths every day, one power nap in morn, one hour around lunchtime and one hour at around 4. She sleeps well in her harness if I take her out but she’s getting extremely heavy, I’m only a petite lady! I’ve recently tried to put her to nap in her pram/cot. Pram is hit and miss and takes her a long time to drop off and it’s really cold at the moment so I don’t want to be pushing her about for hours on end and giving her a cold little nose. Cot is an absolute disaster every time I try and put her in there. Tried everything, feeding her/rocking her to sleep and putting her in, cot mobile, letting her fake cry for a bit (I don’t agree with letting her properly cry with tears to sleep and take her out when it gets to that point, so don’t suggest that please).
It’s starting to get me more and more down every time I fail. Should I carry on trying or give up for a bit and continue to hold her while she sleeps in the hope her little brain changes how it works over the next few months?
I don’t understand why she goes to sleep in her own cot so well at night but seems to hate it in the day, we have blackout blinds so it’s dark in there.
Hoping for some kind advice and support for a frustrated, down in the dumps Mummy sad

AnxietyStrikes Wed 29-Nov-17 20:08:14

I dont have any advice but im.pretty much in the same boat. My dd has all ways had trouble sleeping and never once since she was born has she fell asleep on her own without being rocked. She gets really overtired so to avoid the meltdowns I bounce her to sleep on a gym ball 3/4 times a day. I then keep her in my arms to make sure she sleeps for long enough. Every time I put her down she wakes up within minutes no matter how I do it or what I do. I've been trying various things since she was about 1 month old and never had any sucess. My whole day is focused around her sleeps and making sure she does sleep sad I have no idea what we will do when she goes to nursery in April

Greylilypad Wed 29-Nov-17 23:54:03

I'm having similar problems with a 5.5 month old who was until recently taking a dummy and falling asleep in cot for naps and night with just the dummy and my hand on his chest, waking twice or so a night for bf.
Now suddenly he has completely lost interest in the dummy, just spits it out and will not be settled in the cot for naps or nighttime, just wails until he gets the boob. Can't really understand why this has happened as I have been fairly careful not to feed him to sleep in the day (although he does usually fall asleep feeding at night).
I was coming on to ask for advice.
But thinking back to my two older DC, I will say to both of you, that April is still 4 months away and sleep patterns will definitely change before then, so I really wouldn't worry how they will manage in childcare, it always sorts itself out one way or another, the childcare facility will have dealt with all sorts before , fed to sleep, rocked to sleep, bounced to sleep etc!

Snoozequeen Thu 30-Nov-17 09:30:52

Sorry to hear you’re feeling the same as me, rubbish isn’t it! Hopefully we will get there soon, like greylilypad says sleep patterns will change over the next 4 months, if you think of it like this- look how quickly they’ve changed over the past 4 months. Still making me anxious though!

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