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SIDS guidelines and bedtime routine

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AssumethePerpendicular Thu 23-Nov-17 21:45:22

I’m want to start a more structured bedtime routine for my 15 week old. Until now he has been with us downstairs until he falls asleep, we have lighting low and low volume on TV.
SIDS guidelines are that baby doesn’t sleep alone until 6 months. My HV suggested a bedtime routine but when I asked her what to do if he was in bed at 8 she suggested a monitor. This seems against SIDS advice.
What experience have you had with bedtime routine? I don’t want to go to bed with him at 8 but at same time he is starting to get distracted downstairs. Help!

eurochick Thu 23-Nov-17 21:48:46

We kept her with us all evening and then moved to the bedrooom together around 10pm ish where she had a feed while we got ready for bed. I wasn't comfortable not following the sids guidelines. She usually just napped on us while we watched tv.

Nottalotta Thu 23-Nov-17 21:55:49

You can start a routine if you want, bath, story etc but put her to bed downstairs . It will most likely help once you do move her upstairs as the routine will be the same.

user1488286290 Thu 23-Nov-17 22:02:58

We kept our DD with us downstairs until she was 3 months old, then started putting her down upstairs in our room because she was getting disturbed. But we’d put her down at say 9 and then go to bed ourselves at 10, having checked on her several times in that hour despite the monitor also being on. She’d sleep in our room overnight. As she got older and was willing to sleep earlier, we introduced a bath to the routine and continued to repeatedly check. By 5 months she’d go down about half 7 and we’d be going to bed about 9:30/10. She’s now 7 months and goes to sleep in her own room.

Basically in order to have a rested baby who wasn’t massively overtired and agitated from being disturbed and (selfishly) in order to have something of an evening, we skirted the guidelines. It was the only guideline we didn’t follow and we felt this worked for us.

user1493413286 Thu 23-Nov-17 22:07:37

I wanted to keep to the sids guidelines but my DD wouldn’t sleep in the lounge in the evening due to the noise and light and was getting so stressed out and unhappy that I started a bedtime routine at about 4 months and started putting her to bed at 7.30. It wasn’t my preference but it was right for her.

AssumethePerpendicular Fri 24-Nov-17 04:53:30

Thank you for you responses and ideas.

43percentburnt Fri 24-Nov-17 05:06:17

Kept all mine with me until well past 6 months - about a year with our twins. Personally I wouldn’t risk leaving them alone in a room. One of us stayed with them. When we had twins one or both of us stayed upstairs with them as we found it trickier to move 2 sleeping babies around. Though most of my evenings at this age was spent feeding them.

When teething starts routines go to pot anyway!

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