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21 months - suddenly not settling

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DappledThings Mon 13-Nov-17 20:17:20

DS has mostly been a good sleeper for a long time with occasional blips as to be expected.

He has had a bad cold recently and that was waking him a little but he would still go back to sleep quickly after a bit of water to help with the coughing.

But last few days have been a new one. Taking ages to go to sleep (we are at 70 minutes so far tonight) and calling for me continually. Then when he wakes in the night it can go on for up to two hours and I end up lying on his floor for ages saying "sssssshhhhhhh" till he goes back to sleep.

Can't carry on as my back is suffering and I'm 34 weeks pregnant too. So, should I be in there now just staying with him as maybe he just needs some temporary extra reassurance? I was hoping if we could crack the getting to sleep initially it would help with the night waking but I might be going about it all wrong. Both DH and I are going in intermittently when he's escalating to say "sleepytime" and reassure him we're there but not staying.

Other maybe relevant info is that he only dropped to 1 nap about 2 months ago and he is now sometimes having mega ones. Today he slept 12.30-3.15 at nursery where he's usually struggled to go beyond about 80 minutes. So confused about whether long nap good as catches him up on disturbed night or will just contribute to further bad nights. He was rubbing his eyes during stories just before 7 as usual.

DappledThings Mon 13-Nov-17 20:17:45

Only just realised how long that was. Apologies

Justbookedasummmerholiday Mon 13-Nov-17 20:21:38

Could he be waking hungry? Does he have supper? Ds had a weetabix and a bottle of milk from a year and slept 12 hours!!

DappledThings Mon 13-Nov-17 20:24:19

Don't think he's hungry. He asks for good if he wants it and near has done in night. On nursery days he has 3 meals there but tea is really early so he also has toast or similar about 5.30. Milk around 6 everyday. When he was ill recently he asked for water on waking but he doesn't now, just calls "Mummy mummy" and as soon as I say "ssshhh sleepy time" he lies down

FATEdestiny Mon 13-Nov-17 21:06:03

I'd say he just temporarily needs some extra reassurance. I'd stay in there if it was me.

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