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University Project on children's sleep & routines - Please Help!

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GemmaHL Mon 13-Nov-17 19:35:10

Hello! smile

My name is Gemma and I’m currently in my third year at Sheffield Hallam University studying Graphic Design.

I am currently doing a project on sleep and was wondering if some people on here might be able to help me with it?

This project is aimed at parents with young children (KS1 & younger) who struggle with getting their child/children to sleep. My aim is to find an innovative way to try and improve this.

My idea is to design and create a 'treasure hunt' styled activity kit that reinvents bedtime activities e.g. brushing their teeth, getting their PJ's on etc but in a more fun and relaxing way to hopefully get children to look forward to night time and to also ease them into winding down and becoming sleepy.

The kit wouldn't have any digital aspects to it and would hypothetically include activity cards/book, wipe down wall-chart, stickers, blanket, teddy etc.
The wall chart would allow you to track your child/children's progress week by week offering chances for them to gain rewards for good behaviour/progress.

This would hopefully create better behaviour from them at night time, allowing children to improve and maintain better levels of sleep as well as furthering their understanding of the importance from a young age.

If you could possibly help me out by filling in this survey that would be a massive help!

All the data collected in the survey is completely anonymous and will only be used towards a university project.

If you have any comments about my idea or if you have anything that you might think could help please feel free to let me know!

Also if anyone is interested in helping me out even further and would be interested in allowing me to interview you about your routines and any difficulties you've faced could you please let me know as that would also be a massive help too!

Thank you so much! smile


Heratnumber7 Mon 13-Nov-17 19:44:03

Done. But I don’t see how a treasure hunt at bed time would help kids settle more easily.

GemmaHL Thu 16-Nov-17 09:52:14

Thank you everyone that has filled out my survey so far! smile

It's going to be designed to make bed time activities seem more fun but also include some really nice relaxing activities such as colouring in/reading.

By providing a positive praise aspect within it e.g. wall-chart the aim is that children would have stickers and parents would mark their sleep progress over time which could lead to rewards etc smile

It would hopefully make their already existing routine more fun for them whilst also providing more relaxing activities which won't be too overstimulating to get them ready and looking forward more to winding down on a night smile

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