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1 month old baby doesn’t wanna sleep ?!

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Chelsie95x Sat 11-Nov-17 21:51:35

My baby is 1 month and abit, at first he used to be pretty good with everything he would feed, Nappy change sleep ect, he would sleep for around 2 hours in the day each time after a feed without struggle, I would put him in his basket and he would sleep but night was bit more diffcuit to get him to sleep, weeks past now and it seems to have changed now from how it was, lately my LO just keeps resisting sleep in the day, I breastfeed him so usually he would fall asleep there when I’m doing it, sometimes I will wakenand change Nappy and then put him back on again until he closes his eyes and falls asleep, I usually then put him into my chest straight away and let him fall asleep there as i find it’s only way he will just sleep. I have also noticed he has begun to demand constant feeding also, it seems he may sleep for 20/25 minutes if I put him into his Moses basket instead of keeping him on my chest! the only way I can get him to sleep for 2 hours I feel is leaving him on my chest or so because he just doesn’t wanna settle in his Moses basket anymore, the rare time he will go straight down and have a 2/3 hour sleep once in the day .. otherwise most of the day he just wakes up if I attempt to try put him in his basket after falling asleep on my, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t i can’t seem to get him to settle properly its always different from day to day but I am really finding it diffcuit now with his constant waking up and wanting milk, am I not feeding him enough? He is getting a lot heavier and is always got wet/soiled nappies constantly, he does bring up milk a lot and is sick, he drinks way to quick I find he gulps the milk down and then gives him self hiccups, sometimes he is going red in face and pulling away from me when I try feed also and I don’t know why? My milk comes out super fast and I am constantly leaking milk too...he grunts and makes noises and seems so restless sometimes.. he is usually better in night but I am giving into the easy option of waking up feeding and again letting him sleep on my chest.. but sometimes he is going what seems like 3 hours or so before getting to sleep properly and even then he will wake within a hour sometimes I really don’t know what To do I feel helpless and useless at same time like what am I doing wrong? I’ve tried to wto put him straight into his bed when he is sleepy but it doesn’t always work eiether he just wakes straight back up again and moans to get picked up.. it just seems got worse since his getting older instead of better? Have I got him into a bad habit letting him sleeping on my chest ? I need ideas wht to do.. literally ripping my hair out 😭

Booagain Sat 11-Nov-17 22:00:19

You’re not doing anything wrong - he’s only a month, he won’t have any sort of routine or pick up habits yet.
I think this might be sleep deprivation talking which is making you stressed. Don’t worry a jot.

crazycatlady5 Sun 12-Nov-17 11:36:13

This is really really truly very normal. You’re not doing anything wrong. It’s exhausting but set up a feeding station. Lots of snacks and drinks and a hot cuppa and prepare for the long haul. I got through loads of box sets in those early days. My 9 month old won’t sleep on me anymore except in the sling and I wish she did because it was so easy!

Marcine Sun 12-Nov-17 11:41:36

So normal, I haven't managed to put 8 week old dc3 down yet today grin
The one guaranteed way to get her to have long day time nap is to go for a walk with the pram.
She will nap 45 minutes in a baby swing too.

Marcine Sun 12-Nov-17 11:45:31

So far today she's had two 45 minute naps in my arms, one 20 minute nap (I put her down and she woke up!) and is currently napping again in my arms.

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