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Early waking 15 month old

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PictPost Fri 10-Nov-17 12:53:01

Aaaah we've hit a wall and I can't see wood for the trees.

15 month old now waking at 0430 so we need to do some sleep training. Looking for some good tips please, suspect it should be decide 0600 is day time and do CC until then.

Issues to date are we have an older DC with SN who is being woken up by baby so have been reluctant to leave baby to cry as older one is a mess without sleep.

Daytime routine at home is up at 0430 starving for bottle. Good breakfast at 7. Nap at 0900-0930, lunch offered at 1130 hit or miss if eats. Nap 12-2 or 1-3 then tea at 430. Hit or miss if will eat. Bedtime routine starts at 6.30, bottle before bed and generally hitting the deck shattered at 7.

Nursery three days a week where no morning nap and 1.30-3 hour lunch nap.

Anything we can try to help. We aren't coping on these early mornings and are both struggling MH a wise due to it. We are already into bed ourselves by 9 so just coping with it isn't sustainable long term.

Sorry for abrupt post but on a course about elder DC and sneaking a post during the break!

FATEdestiny Sat 11-Nov-17 17:57:56

Early waking isn't going to be sorted by controlled crying.

Why are meal times hit and miss?

Is baby having any milk or fluids in the day?

How does baby go from awake to asleep at night time and naptime?

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