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My 3 year old won't go to sleep without me

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Claireh2912 Thu 09-Nov-17 13:50:51

For the past 2 weeks or so my almost 3 and a half year old daughter has been a nightmare going to bed and staying in bed all night. She has all of a sudden decided that she needs me to stay in her room for her to go to sleep, probably cause I gave in and sat with her one of the first nights. I bought the rabbit who wanted to fall asleep audio book and that works but she still wants me in the room and she keeps wakening during the night for the story. When I speak to her in the morning I ask her what was wrong she says nothing I woke up myself. Theres times she screams at me for no reason. I feel knackered and miserable everyday, and feel like I'm moaning at her all the time. She was like this at about this time last year aswell but she was still having a nap she refuses point blankly to nap now. Any suggestions what I can do?

RockinRobinTweets Thu 09-Nov-17 14:58:21

Rapid return

BellyBean Fri 10-Nov-17 15:07:41

Our DD regressed on sleep when we had our second DD when she was 3.5. I actually told her it was making me tired and to try to think if she really needed me at night before she called. It worked!!

FATEdestiny Sat 11-Nov-17 17:40:39

Have you tried leaving a lamp on? Scared of the dark starts at that kind of age.

Also, and I know this is obvious, but talk to her lots about what you expect her to do. Talk about her staying in her room at night often, during the day, to other people. Constantly reaffirm what you expect of her and make a huge massive fuss of any small triumphs.

It's not unusual for a toddler to start doing this when established in a bed (from a cot). Initially the novelty of the bed keeps them in there and they just don't realise they can get up and leave the room. Then the novelty factor wears off and the realisation dawns that toddler can get up if she wants to.

So the way id deal with that is firm expectations and boundaries. These are needed in all aspects of like with a toddler, not just sleep. Then do a process of rapid return.

pinkcarpet Sun 12-Nov-17 02:32:08

OP I'm having the same problem with my nearly 3.5 yr old except it's been going on since August and I'm really struggling with it now as I'm just so tired all the time.

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