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4 month old waking for the day @4:30am - sleep regression?

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Happygolucky12 Thu 09-Nov-17 04:52:06

Up until 2 weeks ago my 4 month old would finally wake up for the day at 06:30, this is now 04:30. Is this the dreaded 4 month sleep regression? Do you have experience of this and is she ever likely to sleep until 6am again? This is worse than when she was a new born....

camdentown17 Thu 09-Nov-17 05:02:56

flowersHi Happy...I'm up too with my wide awake 6 month old! He's always awake for the day about 4.30 to 5! No advice I'm afraid, but just so you know you're not alone

DryHeave Thu 09-Nov-17 05:06:11

The clocks also went back fairly recently, might be a factor (in how many hours it feels like she's now waking earlier?). 6:30am would now be 5:30am?

Happygolucky12 Thu 09-Nov-17 05:09:55

Thanks - good to know I'm not alone.

I thought if it was the clocks she would have adjusted by now - all of my friends babies have......

camdentown17 Thu 09-Nov-17 05:18:37

I know what you mean...I'm insanely jealous of those that have babies who sleep until 6.30 or later! I end up going to bed before 9pm now knowing I'll be up stupidly early!

crazycatlady5 Thu 09-Nov-17 07:37:52

This happened with us at 4 months but didn’t last long. Hang in there!

Happygolucky12 Thu 09-Nov-17 09:10:58

Thank you, fingers crossed x

MrsBriteSide Thu 09-Nov-17 11:11:46

My baby did this for a bit at about 5 months old. I treated it like a night waking and tried to feed back to sleep. The good news is it didn't last long at all, maybe 2 weeks or so. Today she slept in til 7.20am! Hang on in there. My baby was in her own room at that point so I could switch the white noise and night light on and leave her to it a bit while I went back to bed and dozed, which helped. It was still rough though!

usernameavailable Thu 09-Nov-17 12:21:05

All of my DDs did this.
My 2 year old is still up at 4.30 ready for her day. My 10 and 3 year olds are a little bit later, but by 6am all of my children will be awake. Hope you LO starts to sleep in a little later for you

Happygolucky12 Mon 13-Nov-17 10:26:35

No improvement yet - in fact worse, now waking at 3 and not returning to sleep and I am feeding all I can.....

I've read on another thread that this might now be the norm?! Is this true? Please say her sleep will improve?

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