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Cracking night wakings - before move or after?!

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mamamalt Wed 08-Nov-17 12:13:01

So it’s a big long winded but I don’t want to drip feed and would really appreciate any input from people in similar positions!
My DS is 14months and has never really slept through the night! He has got close but never a full 12 hours!
We have moved house 3 bloody times in his little life and I think that may have affected it! Anyway in finality we are moving to Ireland at Xmas and so I am wondering if I attempt sleep training this side of Xmas and crack it before the move or leave it until afterwards as the move is likely to unsettle him?!
We are moving into my in laws so sleep training when we get there might be awful as,although it’s a big house, I’ll be worried about waking them up?!
Any advice welcome on general night sleep training and minimising affects of move on my little man please!
He is EBF but doesn’t feed much in the day as eats well. He does always feed when he wakes in the night and settles again very quickly.
Many thanks!

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