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Bottle refusing 9 month old how can daddy get him to bed

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Hospitaldramaaddict Tue 07-Nov-17 21:26:19

Hi million dollar question I guess but I have a 9 month old who will not take a bottle at all we have spent so much money on different types and tried different temperatures etc. Takes milk from a cup in the day so leaving him in the day easier.y DH or childminder in the settling in sessions we have started can get him to nap in the day by the car or pushchair. If I am home he feeds to sleep.

Unless teething or having just learnt a super new skill he wants to practice at 1am he generally isn't too bad at night waking once for a feed. He is eating food in day which is slowly increasing.

But at night and bedtime he just wants to feed to sleep and nothing else works. If I go out at bedtime like tonight he screams until I come home. I have tried a few times now with different people and inevitably I come home to stressed person and screaming child. I am going back to work in 5 weeks and I will be doing one long day a week not home until 9.30 pm. I have an older child so DH can't go for a drive or walk in the evening. I also would like to share wake ups at night if I'm working and occasionally go out without feeling guilty I'm distressing my child.

Help I don't know where to start. I am prepared for any solution if it works. My oldest was so stubborn with sleep training it took weeks when we took night bottle away for him to give in and he was older.

crazycatlady5 Tue 07-Nov-17 21:35:22

Hi mama, I have the same baby as you honestly! I have left her once and she screamed till I came home. All I can really say is perhaps just let it happen naturally, keep practising. How many times have you been away in the evening? Perhaps he’ll get used to it? X

crazycatlady5 Tue 07-Nov-17 21:47:48

Does it make any difference if dad or sitter wears baby in a sling and goes for a walk?

Hospitaldramaaddict Tue 07-Nov-17 22:42:00

Thanks for your reply sorry you have same baby so tricky. I have done it a few times now but quite spaced apart. Dh can't leave the house as our 4year old is asleep generally. But he could try sling around the house. Or grandparents/whoever we can blackmail lol. He did have success once rocking him in push chair in the hall but I didn't think it through tonight and took the car which had push chair in the boot hmm.

crazycatlady5 Tue 07-Nov-17 22:51:07

Ah yes I missed the part about your other little one. Argh it’s so tough - I would also really like to have the occasional night out and people think I’m mad for not having gone out yet and just ‘left her to it’ but it’s easier said than done when you know they’ll be in a state. It’s horrible to think of. Will be following to see if anyone else has any solutions!

badg3r Tue 07-Nov-17 23:01:11

I second putting them in the sling. Sippy cup of milk, pjs on, teeth brush, story, sling. Also rocking or patting back. IMO there is not much point agonising over it till you are back at work. It might be painful at first but they will soon get the hang of it. Good luck!

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