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Sunshinegirl82 Sun 05-Nov-17 19:40:27

DS is 16 months and last night was our worst night yet in terms of sleep. He's never been the best sleeper, he's starts the night in his cot and then moves into the cot attached to our bed on waking (usually in the early hours). He's normally up for the day between 5 and 6.

We've had a bad run of nights over the last few weeks which I'd put down to a combination of teeth, cold and the clock change but last night was hideous.

He went down about 8 (a bit later than usual as we had people over for fireworks). Woke at 12am but went back down within 30 mins in with us. Woke again at 2.30, I gave calpol in case of teeth. He just wouldn't go back down. He tossed and turned and whinged and sat up then lay down all night. At 6ish I gave nurofen and a bottle of milk in desperation and he finally dropped off at 6.45! Then slept till 10.

DH and I are both at work tomorrow so if we have another night like last night it will be tough as we all need to be up and out by 7.30. He's asleep now, went down about 7.30. I gave calpol and anbesol (I can see at least 6 teeth on their way through, he has cut one and I can feel at least 1 more about to cut plus gums are swollen).

I will give nurofen if we wakes (seems to have the edge on calpol). DH and I will go to bed early and split the night in case of another hideous one. Any other tips or thoughts?! I'm willing to give anything a go!

Ivygarden Sun 05-Nov-17 19:45:54

Does he usually sleep through?

Sunshinegirl82 Sun 05-Nov-17 19:49:07

No, has only ever slept through once. Normally sleeps about 7 till 1/2ish in his cot then wakes and comes in with us. Usually settles quite quickly in the sidecar cot with a cuddle.

Ivygarden Sun 05-Nov-17 19:51:27

Just reread your post. Not advising anything and sure I’ll be ridiculed for this, but my DS is 3 and my DD is 17 months old. I returned to work part time when they were 9 months old and it was at this point that I “sleep trained” my children and they’ve both slept through ever since (bar the odd night here and there). Basically, I let them cry and ignored them. It was dreadful but took both of them two nights to get the idea (obviously not two nights of solid crying- more like two or three wakes, crying for 10 mins each time). Two nights that they will not remember. Seems utterly gut-wrenching at the time but it worked for us and everyone is better for a full nights undisturbed sleep.

crazycatlady5 Sun 05-Nov-17 20:18:50

@Ivygarden you’re telling the OP to ignore her child who is in pain from teething hmm I think even the hardest sleep training advocates wouldn’t recommend that.

CIO also is the absolute worst.

Sunshinegirl82 Sun 05-Nov-17 20:28:54

Each to their own but I'm not a fan of any crying and have never left DS to cry. I'm quite happy for him to sleep in with me for part/all of the night if needs be. Even if I was up for it I don't think now would be a good time for it as he's clearly struggling with his teeth.

I'm just not sure what else I can do to help him with it. I'm conscious that he must be knackered too.

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