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6 month old Nursing to sleep and co-sleeping help

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Lena12 Sun 05-Nov-17 14:05:57

My son is 5.5 months old. He won't go to sleep (this includes naps) unless nursed or walked ina baby sling. For naps, he is nursed or walked to sleep and then transferred to a swing. He will wake up if laid down on tummy or back. The swing is not in motion, however, because I learned that it didn't make a difference. He usually wakes up after 30 min if he's in the swing. We have a dark room and white noise. He ended up sleeping on my chest at night at a few months old and still does. His bed time is 6:30 and I nurse him to sleep and transfer him to the swing for the first part of the night, where he will usually sleep around 2 hours. After he wakes, I go in and he lays on my chest the rest of the night. He wakes every 1-2 hours for nursing; most of the time it's comfort nursing. My parents watch him 3 days a week while I work and they are able to walk him to sleep in the sling for a few short naps. He gets tired after one hour awake time and is generally up for 2 hrs by the time he's Walked to sleep because it takes a while. Nothing else works to get him to sleep. He's very persistent and he will cry and cry if you're trying to put him to sleep in a way other than nursing or walking. He starts at a daycare center in 2 weeks-he'll he 6 months then. He will be there 3 days a week, I will be home the other 4 days. I am concerned about him napping in daycare with all the noise and how will they get him to sleep? My other concerns are that he doesn't sleep anywhere except in a swing, sling, or on me! And he only falls asleep being walked or nursed. His sleep times are short. Please help! Also, he won't take a pacifier, and I don't want him to cry it out!

KatnissMellark Sun 05-Nov-17 14:14:03

Oh my god, how are you still alive???? That sounds totally exhausting. My son was similar but I wasn't back at work when I was dealing with it. I think you need to teach him sleep with more appropriate support which allows you to rest and other people to get him to sleep. This will been fit him as well as you.

What I did with my son (as I also did not want to do cry it out), was as a first step, stop nursing him to sleep. I would nurse, bit then instead of gently delatching and putting him down super quietly to avoid waking him, I would deliberately wake him by putting him over my shoulder and burping him (this also may be why he won't sleep flat-wind due to falling asleep nursing). When burped, I'd put him down (he'd still be pretty sleepy) and shhh/pat/rub tummy/reassure til he fell asleep...the amount of time this takes gradually decreased and then bit by bit I gave him less assistance to sleep until he finally did it in his own with just some white noise. He did cry a bit but I was always there to comfort him and it was never for that long. Now he sleeps 7-7 with wake ups only if poorly or teething. The process to get from nursing to sleep and 4-5 times to resettle overnight to sleeping through took about 2 weeks.

Changerofname987654321 Sun 05-Nov-17 14:19:26

Have you spoken to nursery about this? My daughter was only sleep on me or when been pushed in the pushchair. Nursery used to push her asleep inside the baby room. When she was settled in nursery they started putting her in the cot and sitting next to her and stroking her face until she went to sleep. Now at nursery they put in her the cot and save sleep time and she just goes to sleep but at home she has to be held to sleep. I swear they have sleepy magic dust.

crazycatlady5 Sun 05-Nov-17 14:19:48

You really don’t have to stop what you’re doing mama - this article is every helpful


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