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Worst night thus far

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tatree Sun 05-Nov-17 08:41:30

Hi all,

Wondering if someone who has the baby/sleep thing ‘cracked’ can offer me some advice. Had about 2 hours sleep last night total, broken up into 15 mins/30 mins.

Dd is 13 weeks today. Up until the beginning of this week I would have said we were incredibly lucky as she was a good sleeper - being put down for bed about 7-8pm, not asleep but sleepy and she was getting herself to sleep. Waking up 2-3 times for a feed in the night (bf) and getting up about 6-7. Just over a week ago she dropped to one night feed at 3:30 and I (stupidly) thought I had it sussed..

Family situation meant that me and her stayed at a family members house for 3 nights and sort of lost our routine. Although she slept fine whilst there, just a little more unsettled than at home.

At the start of this week I’m back at home when the clocks change she began getting up earlier - so 4:30ish. Also waking more in the night, so up to 4 times. By Thursday night she was waking up to 8 times, being fully awake around 5. Last night she just did not sleep, or she did but in such short bursts I didn’t sleep. Put her down at 7:30, she slept until 10:15 (I stupidly hadn’t gone to bed so missed the only ‘chunk’ of sleep!). Then literally getting up every 45 mins - 1 hour. Crying, banging her arms against the cot mattress and just generally very grumpy. She has a dummy but struggles to keep it in.

When she has been waking I have been offering her the boob, she falls to sleep on me but is suckling for comfort. I gently remove her and replace with dummy and lay her in the cot. It’s 50/50 whether she sleeps for a short period at this or arches her back as I’m laying her in the cot and begins crying. If she falls asleep she wakes up shortly after and this starts again. She was awake solidly from 12:15 - 3. If I’ve only just fed her I will pick her up and give her a cuddle and put her dummy in, but the dummy falls out so quickly I wonder if it’s causing more problems than solving.

Anyone got any advice on how to keep her asleep? She’s about 90% bf so happy to give her a formula feed at some point in the evening/night if that will help? Should I be doing anything different when she wakes up? Should I bin the dummy?

She’s miserable this morning from the lack of sleep as am I, which is a shame when i know she’s capable of a decent nights sleep.

Lallypopstick Sun 05-Nov-17 09:16:10

I’m not an expert but is this the 4 month sleep regression (a little early)? If so, there is so much conflicting advice about what you should and shouldn’t do. I’ve been through something similar the last few weeks (previously baby would wake up twice a night then started waking up hourly / two hourly plus having shorter naps), and I just fed at every wake up (EBF).

We’ve had a couple of good nights now, back to normal, but I think it’s just a developmental phases that will pass for some babies quickly and take a lot longer for others.

Rhodes2015again Sun 05-Nov-17 09:39:15

I have not got baby sleep cracked in anyway but We are having better nights now we have stopped giving her her dummy at bedtime.
Sometimes we were getting up every 10/20 mins to put it back in her mouth!
I now think that she was more waking because it was digging in her neck/cheek when it fell out rather than her wanting it back in her mouth because now she goes to sleep fine without it with only wakes up to feed.
She does sometimes wake at about 5:30/6 and we give her her dummy then and it seems to buy us another hour or so.

She is 16weeks now but I feel we had early “4 month sleep regression”, we had a really bad week or so at 13/14weeks. So perhaps it’s that, as lally suggested.

Does she nap well in the day?
We are only just getting to the point where she will have decent naps and I do think that’s helped a little.

crazycatlady5 Sun 05-Nov-17 10:23:57

Definitely 4 month sleep regression. No one has the sleep thing cracked really as they’re all different grin sleep goes up and down the first year it doesn’t just improve x

FATEdestiny Sun 05-Nov-17 11:48:03

What is daytime sleep like?

This sounds like chronic over tiredness stopping baby relaxing into a deep sleep.

I would suggest 3 or 4 days of "any sleep, any how" in order to get out of this over tired spiral. So if that means letting baby sleep with you, do be it. Bouncy chair for naps. No longer than 1h awake between daytime naps and give a feed in that hour. Feed as much as possible.

Once out of the over tiredness cycle, then start liking at maintaining enough sleep over 24h long term.

Don't ditch the dummies. Dummies are AMAZING

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