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Bedtime routine - 2 yr old and infant

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eeanne Sat 04-Nov-17 11:08:39

I’m 36 weeks with #2 and trying to get prepared. How can I fit baby into DD’s sleep routine? Currently

6-6:30 dinner
6:45-7:15 bath, PJs
7:15-7:30 milk, brush teeth
7:30 story in bed
7:45 lights out

I’ll be BF so thinking maybe I feed baby when DD has her milk? Or while I read DD her story? And then put baby down after we leave DD’s room? I want to avoid starting baby’s routine too late as I’ll be going back to work down the line.

Help me experienced mums!

Chosenbyyou Sat 04-Nov-17 12:53:14

I found this (and still do) hard but mainly when I'm on my own. When it is me and DH we have one each.

For the first 8/10 weeks I found the baby went to 'bed' much later than the toddler so I just stuck to the toddler routine and baby was doing their thing along side. Then once baby bought his own routine earlier I found it more challenging but tried to get baby into bed first - my baby will self settle (my first never did!).

I think it will depend on your baby and their personality/routine unless you are thinking of trying a really strict routine from early on. I find trying to put a strict routine on a baby makes me very stressed so I have avoided this,


FATEdestiny Sat 04-Nov-17 14:12:15

For the first 6 months you don't really need to give it much thought. Baby should be sleeping where you are, so napping downstairs in the evening for example.

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