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Keeping toddlers in there bedroom

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daleuk8 Wed 01-Nov-17 13:34:08

We have 2 and half year old twins. They have always been pretty good at sleeping through the night. Bed at 7pm up at 6am.
The last two weeks they been waking up at night, sometimes 2-3 times a night between 1-3am. Then up at 5am.
I don't mind them waking up but it's them thinking that everyone else should be awake because they are. So our main aim is to keep them in there room.
I am wondering if a nap time technique is also part of the problem? They used to self settle but because they have been refusing to sleep we started to take them for a drive get them to sleep and then put them into bed.
Today at nap we have gone back to basics and just put them straight to bed, no drive.

Any advice would be great.

countingthestars Wed 01-Nov-17 13:35:28

I think you're applying motives to them that don't exist, quite honestly! Children do wake early and they probably haven't settled after the clocks going back.

Some people like gro clocks, I don't particularly, but they might be worth a shot.

daleuk8 Wed 01-Nov-17 13:44:41

As I said it's been going on for a few weeks so before the clocks. As I stated it's not them waking its coming out of there room that is the problem..

FATEdestiny Wed 01-Nov-17 19:24:17

I would suspect that this is over tiredness from sort-of-but-not-really dropping the daytime nap. Back to basis for the naps, if you want to keep the nap, is a good idea.

minipie Wed 01-Nov-17 19:29:34

Yes may well be nearly ready to drop the nap. So don't force the nap with the car, use the cot, if they don't sleep there it is probably though not always a sign they are ready to drop it. Or at least they may be ready to reduce to just a couple of naps a week.

daleuk8 Thu 02-Nov-17 07:20:58

We don't have cots anymore. Do you think this could be over-tiredness then?

daleuk8 Thu 02-Nov-17 07:22:33

If they over tired does that not mean they still need the nap?

dementedpixie Thu 02-Nov-17 07:28:38

Have you tried cutting the nap out? If they still have a nap then maybe 7pm is too early for bedtime

daleuk8 Thu 02-Nov-17 07:38:33

We haven't tried purposely tried cutting it out. They didn't nap yesterday as they didn't self settle. They went to bed at 7pm, our little girl woke up at midnight crying after she settled they slept through till 5:30am.

They are due to start nursery next week, do you think that will help?

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